New Prof Shares Enthusiasm for Actuarial Science
Dr. Natalia Humphreys Hopes to Bring Attention to Profession

When Dr. Natalia Humphreys was growing up in Russia, her father ignited her interest in math. He was not only a mathematician, but also a professor at St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University.

It would seem Humphreys, now a clinical associate professor of mathematics at UT Dallas, has a knack for following in her father’s footsteps. His early encouragement led her not only to a love of mathematics, but a true enthusiasm for teaching as well. After earning her master’s degree in mathematics from St. Petersburg State University in Russia, Humphreys came to the United States and completed her doctoral degree at Ohio State University to launch a career in actuarial science.

Although actuarial science may seem obscure to the general public, it’s a growing field with good employment opportunities and high job satisfaction.

Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical modeling, economics, finance, government policies and business management principles to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.  Actuaries are involved in many aspects of defining, analyzing and solving business problems involving the cost of possible future events.

Humphreys has worked both in and out of the private sector. Her experience includes a position at the Dallas branch of what is now Towers Watson as an actuarial analyst before earning her designation as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 2005. She continued her actuarial practice at HealthMarkets Inc., a health insurance company.

Lured by a chance to teach and an opportunity to assist in the development of a new degree program in actuarial sciences, Humphreys came to UT Dallas in 2010.

One of her goals is to bring more awareness of the actuarial industry and profession to the outside community.

“I am excited about helping to build relationships between students and professionals using my connections from the private sector,” Humphreys said. “Building these connections helps students and graduates find internships and employment opportunities.”

Dr. Natalia Humphreys hopes to bring more awareness of the actuarial industry and profession to the outside community.

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