Professor of Neuroscience Applauded By Peers, Students

Dr. Christa McIntyre and Dr. Bert Moore

Dr. Christa McIntyre receives the Aage Møller Teaching Award from Dr. Bert Moore, dean of the School of Behavioral and Brian Sciences.

Dr. Christa McIntyre-Rodriguez, an assistant professor of neuroscience, recently received the Aage Møller Teaching Award.

"The award honors outstanding teaching, mentoring and supervision. Christa McIntyre-Rodriguez exemplifies these qualities,” said Dr. Bert Moore, dean of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the Aage and Margareta Møller Distinguished Professor. “She is a gifted instructor and mentor known by her students and colleagues alike for her dedication to student training.”

Faculty are nominated for the award by anonymous student evaluations and peer recommendations. Students in McIntyre-Rodriguez’s neuroscience laboratory methods class described her as a role model, particularly for female neuroscience students.

“Dr. McIntyre-Rodriguez is simply awesome,” said one student. “I loved the debates and discussions, and her civil and encouraging reactions to whatever anyone said. We all felt appreciated.”

Another added, “This was one of the best classes I have taken in my undergraduate career.”

McIntyre-Rodriguez said Dr. Aage Møller has been an inspiration for her. Møller, a professor in sensory neuroscience and neural plasticity and holder of the Margaret Fonde Jonsson Professorship, received the President’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2011 and has written several instructional books. In addition to the award, he and his late wife established the Aage and Margareta Møller Distinguished Professorship, which is held by Moore, and the Aage & Margareta Møller Professorship, held by Dr. Alice O’Toole.

“Even though he’s a world-renowned researcher, he puts a great deal of care and effort into teaching graduate and undergraduate students,” McIntyre-Rodriguez said. “This award is a constant reminder that despite an ever-present pressure to carry out important research, UT Dallas and the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences are committed to meeting the educational needs of our students.”

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