Research Society Recognizes Prof’s Nanotech Work

Dr. Julia Hsu, professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering, has been elected as a Fellow in the Materials Research Society. She is the first UT Dallas faculty member to be so honored.

The society, a 16,000-member international professional society, each year elects approximately 30 fellows. Those chosen are nominated by fellow MRS members and selected based on research accomplishments and contributions to the field of materials research.

“I am particularly honored and humbled to be recognized by my professional peers,” said Dr. Hsu, who also holds the Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics.

Hsu’s accomplishments cited by the society include, “furthering understanding of relationships between materials structure and electronic properties at the nanoscale via careful experimentation and technique development, and for leadership of the materials research community.”

Dr.  Yves Chabal

Dr. Yves Chabal

“This is a major achievement for a professional in our field,” said Dr. Yves Chabal, head of the department of Materials Science and Engineering and Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics. “We are tremendously proud of her achievements that are yet another feather in the caps of both our department and the School of Engineering and Computer Science at UT Dallas, and underscore the quality of our recent hires.”

Hsu’s research focuses on nanoscale materials physics. She has done extensive work on local characterization of electronic and photonic materials and devices using scanning probe techniques.

Hsu received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University in 1985 and her master’s and PhD in physics from Stanford University in 1987 and 1991, respectively.

She joined UT Dallas last fall.

Hsu’s other honors include the American Physical Society Apker Award, a National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award and a Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship. She was elected to Fellow of American Physical Society in 2001 and American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2007.

Dr. Julia Hsu's research explores the electronic properties of materials at the nanoscale. She holds the Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics at UT Dallas.

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