School of Management Expands Expertise in Each Academic Area

Dr. Hasan Pirkul

Dr. Hasan Pirkul

This fall, the Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) added at least one tenured or tenure-track faculty member in each of its six fields of study: accounting; finance and managerial economics; information systems; marketing; operations management; and organizations, strategy and international management.

The Jindal School also welcomed or promoted an additional nine faculty members into full-time, non-tenure-track positions.

“I am pleased that we have been able to hire talented researchers in all our major disciplines as new faculty members this fall,” said Dr. Hasan Pirkul, Jindal School dean and Caruth Chair. “They will help the top scholars already here to keep up the Jindal School momentum in turning out quality studies and advanced curriculums that give our students an advantage, help propel our business community forward and add to the school’s reputation.”

Dr. Riki Takeuchi, recently named the Jindal School of Management Advisory Council Distinguished Professor, is among the new appointees. He is the first to hold the endowed post and will teach international human resource management and a doctoral seminar on teams in spring 2018.

Takeuchi’s accomplishments include earning the Best Ten Lecturers Award at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology five times. He also was recognized in 2010 with the Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Recent rankings that have increased the Jindal School’s stature include earning the No. 1 spot on U.S. News & World Report’s Short List of 10 top MBA programs comparing the average starting salary of all MBA graduates to their average student loan debt at ranked business schools. Among the nation's public university MBA programs, the school’s full-time MBA program is ranked No. 12 by Bloomberg Businessweek, No. 16 by U.S. News & World Report, No. 22 by Forbes and No. 23 by Financial Times.

The Jindal School, the largest of UT Dallas’ eight schools, launched a new Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management program this fall in response to a projected demand for HR experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The school also began a Graduate Certificate in Research Foundations in Accounting program, a 15-hour, two-semester program designed to help master’s in accounting students understand the rigors of quantitative research.

“The certificate program is part of an initiative we have to ensure that not only do we bring in highly qualified scholars but also that we graduate exceptional researchers from our PhD programs as well,” Pirkul said.


New Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Riki Takeuchi

Dr. Riki Takeuchi

Dr. Riki Takeuchi, Jindal School of Management Advisory Council Distinguished Professor

Previously: professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Research interests: cross-cultural adjustment, employee creativity, aspiration performance, performance change patterns, strategic human resource management, social exchange

Quote: “There are two mottos that govern my life: ‘no pain, no gain’ and ‘baby steps, one at a time, but always make continuous improvements.’ When applied to research, this means that I need to keep submitting papers to high-quality outlets — and receive a lot of rejections — and I need to keep working on research projects daily, even if it means running one set of analyses or writing one paragraph. In addition to conducting and publishing high-quality research, I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues and doctoral students to help enhance the overall quality of JSOM.”

Dr. Haemin Dennis Park

Dr. H. Dennis Park

Dr. H. Dennis Park, associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship

Previously: assistant professor, Drexel University

Research interests: corporate venture capital, knowledge governance, technology entrepreneurship

Quote: “I was an entrepreneur and corporate venture capitalist prior to pursuing my PhD. Over the years of my professional experiences, I got interested in my research questions, as most ventures have to survive and grow with very limited resources of their own. I’m very excited to become part of the entrepreneurship/innovation community in Dallas — one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the nation — and be able to nurture some of the future leaders for the region.”

Dr. Cuili Qian

Dr. Cuili Qian

Dr. Cuili Qian, associate professor of organizations, strategy and international management

Previously: associate professor, City University of Hong Kong

Research interests: strategic management, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance

Quote: “My research interest mainly focuses on corporate nonmarket strategy and corporate staffing in multinational corporations. My research goals are to better understand why firms engage in nonmarket strategies — corporate social strategy and corporate political strategy, specifically — and the consequences of these nonmarket strategies. Additionally, I hope to understand how multinational corporations manage their subsidiaries through expatriate staffing and other formal control mechanisms. As a new faculty member, I am excited to join UT Dallas. Such a dynamic school with diverse faculty backgrounds will definitely help me to better achieve my research goals.”

Dr. Ying Huang

Dr. Ying Huang

Dr. Ying Huang, assistant professor of accounting

Previously: PhD candidate, The University of Texas at Austin

Research interests: empirical archival research in accounting, corporate disclosure

Quote: “I am particularly interested in how some underexplored stakeholders, such as politicians and customers, affect firms’ disclosure behaviors and how corporate disclosure varies with industry structure. I am also interested in how institutional investors affect firms’ financial reporting, tax and audit.”

Dr. Maria Loumioti

Dr. Maria Loumioti

Dr. Maria Loumioti, assistant professor of accounting

Previously: visiting assistant professor, MIT Sloan School of Management; assistant professor, University of Southern California

Research interests: debt contracting, credit markets, banking, disclosure, transparency

Quote: “My research focuses on how transparency and different disclosure patterns can affect the quality of credit products that banks issue or hold. I explore how the design of different credit products by banks affect their contracting choices, and I look at the role of loan officers as a key determinant of credit quality. Well-functioning credit markets are crucial to the social welfare, and thus, I hope my research contributes to that end.”

Dr. Jean-Marie A. Meier

Dr. Jean-Marie A. Meier

Dr. Jean-Marie A. Meier, assistant professor of finance

Previously: PhD candidate, London Business School

Research interests: corporate finance, international finance, political economy

Quote: “I am interested in empirical research with microdata in financial economics that is policy relevant. In particular, I work on ‘the bright side of fire sales,’ on capital markets regulation and the impact of institutions on innovation.”


Dr. Simon Siegenthaler

Dr. Simon Siegenthaler

Dr. Simon Siegenthaler, assistant professor of managerial economics

Previously: postdoctoral associate, New York University Abu Dhabi

Research interests: behavioral and experimental economics, bargaining, information economics

Quote: “My research contributes to a deeper understanding of how economic and social institutions shape our behavior. I am interested in behavioral economics and game theory — specifically, in models of bargaining and negotiations, communication and social movements — and use experiments to test and inspire theoretical analysis. Recurring themes are problems of coordination and equilibrium selection, the impact of inequality and institutional design in the presence of uncertainty. I am excited about the possibility of interacting and collaborating with the faculty and students at UT Dallas.”

Dr. Radha Mookerjee

Dr. Radha Mookerjee

Dr. Radha Mookerjee, assistant professor of information systems

Previously: clinical professor, Naveen Jindal School of Management

Research interests: software maintenance, user-generated content

Quote: “I started working with computers when it was still a new phenomenon in India and have since been fascinated with their potential. Technology keeps changing so rapidly, and keeping up with it is an exciting part of this job. New information technology can potentially disrupt established firms while creating opportunities for others. I study the impact of information technologies on business and ways to get the most value from these technologies.”


Dr. Khai Xiang Chiong

Dr. Khai Chiong

Dr. Khai Chiong, assistant professor of marketing

Previously: postdoctoral research fellow in economics, University of Southern California; PhD candidate, California Institute of Technology

Research interests: online advertising, empirical industrial organization

Quote: “In my research, I use machine learning and econometric tools to study mobile and digital advertising. I’m very excited to be here. UT Dallas is a fast-growing, up-and-coming university.”      


Dr. George Chen

Dr. Qi "George" Chen


Dr. Qi “George” Chen, assistant professor of operations management

Previously: PhD candidate, University of Michigan

Research interests: pricing and revenue management, supply chain management, strategic sourcing and procurement theory, production and inventory management, online marketplaces

Quote: “Businesses create value, and excellence in operations management is critical to this value-generation process. This motivates me to develop analytical tools to improve the operational processes both within the firm and among multiple firms along the supply chain and tease out the managerial insights to help managers make more informed decisions. I am excited to work with students from different backgrounds and help them learn new knowledge and analytical tools to address real-world business problems.”


Dr. Sora Jun

Dr. Sora Jun

Dr. Sora Jun, assistant professor of organizations, strategy and international management

Previously: PhD candidate, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Research interests: hierarchy, power, inequality, intergroup relations, organizational behavior

Quote: “I moved around a lot when I was growing up, between Seoul, South Korea; Buffalo, New York; and Toronto, Canada. These experiences served as building blocks to my research on how people manage their group identity and status in organizational and social hierarchies.”


Dr. Junfeng Wu

Dr. Junfeng Wu

Dr. Junfeng Wu, assistant professor of organizations, strategy and international management

Previously: PhD candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research interests: leadership, creativity, groups

Quote: “I am always interested in how to spark creativity, and it is also a fact that leaders play a crucial role in boosting or inhibiting followers’ creativity. I look forward to working with the faculty and doctoral students here to produce high-impact research. I also look forward to interacting with the students in classrooms in my undergrad organizational behavior classes.”


New Faculty Series

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