April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018


Paper: Magnetic Treatment Boosts PTSD Therapy 

John Hart and Michael Motes in the labApril 19, 2018In a new study, a team of researchers found that a standard therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder is more effective when paired with transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain. read more

Alumnus Named Director of U.S. Geological Survey

Reilly in spaceApril 19, 2018The U.S. Senate recently confirmed University of Texas at Dallas alumnus and former astronaut Dr. James F. Reilly BS’77, MS’87, PhD’95 as the next director of the U.S. Geological Survey. read more

Neurologist to Lead New Brain Health Campaign

Geoffrey LingApril 19, 2018Dr. Geoffrey Ling, a neurologist who has worked on programs for the U.S. government, will spearhead the Center for BrainHealth’s latest initiative — to double human brain performance in the next 10 years. read more

Accolades: Faculty Honored for Outreach, Writing 

UTD emblemApril 19, 2018The Jindal School's Dr. Diane McNulty was honored by the American Heart Association, and interdisciplinary studies senior lecturer Dr. Jillian Duquaine-Watson won an award for her book on single mothers in college. read more

New Student Leaders Focus on Sustainability

Chen and Ramazan pose together outdoors on campusApril 16, 2018Incoming president Eric Chen and vice president Carla Ramazan hope to engage students in efforts including a freshman bike project and the expansion of common areas on campus. read more

Study: Children with Hearing Loss Face More Bullying

illustration of child with fist-shaped speech bubbleApril 16, 2018Approximately 50 percent of the adolescents with hearing loss said they were picked on in at least one way in the past year, according to research by Dr. Andrea Warner-Czyz. read more

Research Offers Potential Insight into Alzheimer's

PET scan imageApril 16, 2018A new study from the Center for Vital Longevity offers a window into when increasing levels of beta-amyloid might reach tipping points in the brain. read more

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