How to Use ‘This Week at UT Dallas’

This Week at UT Dallas gathers events and announcements of broad interest in one convenient, searchable location on the University’s Web site. 


image of This WeekListings included in “This Week at UT Dallas” are the highlights of UT Dallas events and announcements. Items are long enough to offer only the basics. Readers can find more information in Comet Calendar, where every event must be posted before it can be included in “This Week.” The page is assembled on Wednesdays for Web posting the following Monday.


Send items for consideration to [email protected]. It’s best to think in terms of who, what, when and where.  Each event item needs a title, time and location. Then it needs a brief sentence explaining a bit more about the event and a link to more information.


Plan on a week’s advance notice if you want your item included. Late items will not be accepted.

What we take

All events and announcements must directly involve UT Dallas organizations or offices.  Preference will be given to listings with the broadest appeal.


Please include one if you like.  All are sized down to 75 x 75 pixels.  That’s about ¾ of an inch square on the average PC monitor, so make sure in advance that it will look good at that size.

Additional Notification Tools

  • Comet Calendar:  The University’s all-purpose event listing draws extremely high readership.  It’s a consistent top 20 site among the University’s 150,000-plus Web pages.  As a bonus, it’s searchable. For information about posting items, check the Comet Calendar Add an Event page.
  • Social media:  Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are also great outlets to reach audiences.  These free services are a mainstay of college-age students’ lives, often to the exclusion of e-mail. Check out Get Started with Social Media and the UT Dallas Social Media Directory.
  • News Center: The University news service posts news releases of significant public interest. More information is available at the News Center Content page. If you have information that qualifies as a full-fledged news story, contact News Center at [email protected].   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I turned in an item.  Why don’t I see it?

    We include as many items as possible in “This Week.”  When something does not appear, there may be several reasons.  We may have received it too late.  Or perhaps the item did not directly involve the UT Dallas population.  Preference is given to items that are applicable to the widest possible UT Dallas audience.

  • What if my announcement is too important to wait until Monday?

    If you believe your message needs to be distributed via campus-wide e-mail, send it to [email protected].  Generally, this information channel is reserved for University administrators, so only the most business-critical announcements will be considered for campuswide e-mail distribution.

  • If you believe there is a campus emergency involving a threat to life and safety, call the Police Department.

    The Police can be reached at (972) 883-2222 or 911. If the situation is urgent but you are unsure whether it is an emergency, call extension 2155.

  • I used to be able to send campus-wide e-mails for my organization.  Why not now?

    The University has discontinued general access to the campus-wide mail lists in response to requests from students and other members of the UT Dallas community.   The large amount of e-mail that wasn’t business-critical was reducing the effectiveness of e-mail that was, including emergency messages.

  • How is “This Week at UT Dallas” different from Comet Calendar?

    “This Week at UT Dallas” includes highlights of events and announcements. Comet Calendar is a comprehensive listing that offers more complete information. Items considered for “This Week” must first be on the Comet Calendar.

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May 20, 2018