NeuroPsychometric Research Lab



Healthy participants (ages 18-80) needed for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI*) research

Participate in vision and cognition tasks

fMRI is a noninvasive imaging technology used to generate images of a participant’s brain while the participant completes various tasks. Researchers then use these images of brain activity to gain an understanding of the functional organization of the brain. fMRI does not use ionizing radiation like x-rays to generate images but are instead generated from a magnetic field and low-power radio-waves.

  • Research conducted at the Advanced Imaging Research Center at UTSW
  • Eligible participants will be compensated

For additional information or questions, please email — Research Coordinator, Rachael Romero.

*Functional MRI is a noninvasive technique that does not cause discomfort. Unlike x-rays and CT scans, fMRI does not involve exposure to any radioactive material.