School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

University Achieves $200 Million Campaign Goal Early

Thank You Realize the Vision: The Campaign for Tier One & Beyond started quietly in 2009, publicly launched in 2012 and has now surpassed the $200 million goal almost a year early. The five-year campaign will continue through its scheduled end on Dec. 31. read more

Biology, Chemistry Combine in New Research Project

Pantano-Draper Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas have received a federal grant to investigate how tiny carbon structures used in the manufacture of many everyday products might affect human health. read more

Total Lunar Eclipse Ushers in Series of Four

Dr. Mary Urquhart In the early morning hours of April 15, a total lunar eclipse will be visible across North America, turning the moon blood red or orange as the moon passes through Earth's shadow. Dr. Mary Urquhart says it ushers in an unusual series of astronomical events. read more

UT Dallas Physicist Takes Key Role in International Project

Dr. Kendall Reeves Dr. Kendall Reeves, a research scientist in the UT Dallas Department of Physics, has taken a leadership role in one of the world's largest science experiments. Reeves has been appointed to serve as operations manager for the ATLAS experiment, an international high-energy physics project involving some 3,000 international scientists. read more

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