Department of Biological Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Our labs feature the latest equipment, used by the faculty and available for graduate student research, including:

  • Leica SP2 triple channel confocal microscope system
  • ThermoFinnigan ion trap mass spectrometer
  • BD Biosciences fluorescence-activated cell sorter
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Perkin Elmer DNA chip reader
  • high-pressure liquid chromatography units
  • Beckman scintillation counters
  • spectrophotometers
  • Jasco J-715 spectropolarimeter
  • Molecular Dynamics PhosphoImagers

Thermal cyclers for polymerase chain reaction experiments and microcomputers with access to sequence analysis programs and nucleic acid data banks also are at your disposal. A ThermoFinnigan ion trap mass spectrometer is available in the department for MS/MS analyses of biological samples. In addition, Silicon Graphics workstations with MSI software for molecular modeling studies, and a GE 500 MHz FT multinuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer are located on campus and are available for your research.

There is a modern research animal housing facility and there are complete facilities for mammalian cell culture and virus propagation.

Other shared biology facilities include a darkroom with an automated x-ray film developer, environmental chambers, radioactive "hot-rooms," computer application rooms, a staffed media kitchen with autoclaves and washing machines, and an electronics workshop. In addition to the Eugene McDermott Library, the department has its own library, located near the research area.

  • Updated: February 6, 2006