Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics



Our faculty members are known for paying close attention to each student, and there is further support available from the research associates, technicians, and office and engineering staff that are on hand to assist you in a cooperative, supportive atmosphere.

Below you will find information about our supplementary staff.


Faculty Name Title Contact Information
Gail A Breen Associate Professor 972-883-2504
Lee Bulla Professor 972-883-4226
John G Burr Associate Professor Associate Dept Head 972-883-2508
Zachary Campbell Assistant Professor 972-883-4186
Nikki Delk Assistant Professor 972-883-2581
Jeff L DeJong Associate Professor 972-883-6882
Rockford K Draper Professor 972-883-2512
Heng Du Assistant Professor


Juan E Gonzalez Professor
Donald M Gray Professor Emeritus 972-883-2513
Ernest M Hannig Associate Professor 972-883-2505
Jung-whan (Jay) Kim Assistant Professor 972-883-3502
Tae Hoon Kim Associate Professor 972-882-6496
Dennis L Miller Associate Professor
Faruck Morcos Assistant Professor


Kelli Palmer Assistant Professor


Lawrence J Reitzer Professor



Stephen Spiro

Professor, Department Head

972-883-6032 Founders 972-883-6896 NSERL

Duane Winkler Assistant Professor 972-882-3533
Zheny Xuan Assistant Professor


Hyuntae Yoo Assistant Professor


Li Zhang Professor
Cecil H. and Ida Green Chair of Systems Biology Science


Michael Zhang Professor
Cecil H. and Ida Green Chair of Systems Biology Science

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Research Professors

Faculty Name Title Contact Information
Lan Guo Research Assistant Professor 972-883-3531
Li Liu Research Assistant Professor 972-883-4159

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Faculty Name Title Contact Information
Nancy Ballard Lecturer 972-883-3854
Irina Borovkov Senior Lecturer 972-883-6895/3822
Mehmet Candas Senior Lecturer 972-883-6338
Vincent P Cirillo Senior Lecturer 972-883-4157
Monique Duncan Senior Lecturer 972-883-6914
Uyen Henson Lecturer
Brenna R. Hill Senior Lecturer 972-883-2509
Wen Ju Lin Senior Lecturer 972-883-2507/3824
Robert C Marsh Senior Lecturer 972-883-2511
David Murchison Senior Lecturer 972-883-4120
Jing Pan Senior Lecturer 972-883-2884
Elizabeth Pickett Senior Lecturer 972-883-2646
Ruben Ramirez Senior Lecturer 972-883-4172/3823
Scott A Rippel Senior Lecturer 972-883-2510/2277
Elizabeth Rugg Senior Lecturer 972-883-6679
Ilya Sapozhnikov Senior Lecturer 972-883-4604
Uma Srikanth Senior Lecturer


Michelle Wilson Senior Lecturer


Wen-Ho Yu Senior Lecturer 972-883-4606/3823

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Staff Name Title Contact Information
Mohammad M Aqrabawi Research Eng
Scientist Assoc V
Shawanda Dunagin Admin Assistant I 972-883-6235
Dong Mei Ma Research Technician I


Micah Rankin Techical Staff Associate


Eloise Square Admin Services officer I 972-883-2501
Nancy Yu Graduate Support Assistant 972-883-4794
Abe Yue Choi Research Technician I 972-883-4500

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Research Scientists/Associate/Technicians

Name Title/Lab Contact Information
Stefani Boyd Research Scientist 972-883-3588
Yong Chen Research Scientist 972-883-2528
Yeun Hee Kim Research Scientist/ Zhang,M 972-883-3545
Yong Jung Kim Research Scientist/ Kim, Tae


Santosh Kumar Research Scientist / Spiro 972-883-2519
Tzu-Fang Lou Research Eng/Sci- Assoc III/Campbell 972-883-6219
Carole Mikoryak Research Associate / Draper 972-883-2550
Barbara Schneider Research Associate / Reitzer 972-883-2524
Ru-Hung Wang Research Eng/Sci-Assoc II /Draper 972-883-2550
Feng Xuel Research Scientist 972-883-6889

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  • Updated: October 28, 2011