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Biochemistry (B.S.)

The Biochemistry program at UTD, administered through the Department of Chemistry, draws on faculty from the departments of Chemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology and Physics, as well as from researchers at U.T. Southwestern Medical School to provide courses and research opportunities to its majors. The Biochemistry major bridges the gap between modern Chemistry and Biology. The curriculum, designed to prepare students for either graduate work in the Biological Sciences, the Chemical Sciences, or for entry-level positions in the biotechnology industry, builds on a base of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to provide the student the opportunity to develop essential theoretical and practical skills.

UT Southwestern Medical School:

UT Dallas Biochemistry majors may perform their research in the laboratories of faculty members from the departments of Biochemistry, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology and Physiology at UT Southwestern, as available.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

  • Updated: April 8, 2011