Department of Chemistry

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Research Opportunities

Students majoring with either a B.S. in Chemistry or B.S. in Biochemistry are required to take 6 semester hours of independent research. A student will work on a project in one of the research groups on campus, often in close contact with a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher in the group. The independent research project will allow the student to experience how chemical research is performed and to be exposed to cutting edge research areas.

Students can begin this research experience by contacting a professor in a research area of interest. The student will enroll for research credit (anywhere from 2 to 6 credit hours in a given semester). A typical research credit corresponds to four hours in the lab per week. A student must complete a total of 6 credit hours of research prior to graduation.

In the spring of each year the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry organizes an undergraduate research symposium. Each student doing research will present their results at one of these symposia before graduation. It is also a good forum for students who have not joined a research group to see the diversity of research projects that undergraduates are involved with at UT Dallas.

  • Updated: June 23, 2015