School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Physicist's Theories, Project Provide Big Insights to Quantum Work

Dr. Chuanwei Zhang Theories developed by Dr. Chuanwei Zhang have been put to the test in the laboratory, and the results offer a new way to study - and possibly exploit - the strange realm of quantum physics. Potential applications include super-fast quantum computing. read more

Award-Winning Chemistry Teacher Stresses Tools in Finding Answers

Dr. Mihaela Stefan Dr. Mihaela Stefan, an associate professor of chemistry, recently received the President's Outstanding Teaching Award for her efforts in teaching and mentoring. read more

President's Award Brings Element of Surprise for Chemistry Lecturer

Dr. Claudia Taenzler Dr. Claudia Taenzler, who credited her efforts to stress concepts over memorization, received the teaching excellence honor for non-tenure track faculty for her work with students in and outside of the classroom. read more

Study Finds 'Lumpy' Universe Cannot Explain Cosmic Acceleration

Dr. Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki UT Dallas astrophysicists are helping to better define the nature of the cosmos by examining why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating pace. Thanks to their research, one of those theories can now be crossed off the list. read more

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