School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

From UTD to the Moon and Beyond: 50 Years and Counting

The landing of men on the moon and the genesis of UT Dallas are inextricably linked. As the anniversary of the astronauts’ first lunar steps nears, we look back at the Apollo connections that helped the University take a giant leap forward. read more

University Engineers Were Instrumental to Apollo, Space Missions

Ron Lippincott and Larry Harmon in laboratory. They may not have grabbed headlines like America's astronauts, but Ron Lippincott and Larry Harmon of the William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences were just as key to studying the universe. read more

Biologists Design a Plug-and-Play Controller for Gene Expression

Three researchers posing together outdoors. UT Dallas researchers worked with colleagues from UT Tyler to engineer components that can rewire genetic response pathways, creating a template for designing new cellular behaviors with a wide range of potential applications. read more

Sheaths Become Mighty New Layer in Research Team's Artificial Muscles

Ray Baughman In a new study, researchers describe sheath-run artificial muscles that have higher power densities and can produce mechanical energy more efficiently than previous creations. read more

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