School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Contest Showcases Undergraduate Researchers

Contest winners Sixty-four UT Dallas students presented their work in the annual Undergraduate Research Poster Contest, with the top prizes going to students in bioengineering, mechanical engineering and neuroscience. read more

Geoscientists Examine Origins of 'Snowball Earth'

illustration of Earth with snow in top of it New research from UT Dallas and UT Austin links the development of plate tectonics to a dramatic cool down that occurred on Earth about 700 million years ago. read more

Construction, Infrastructure Planning on Tap

Engineering Building under construction Summer will usher in the completion of the 200,000-square-foot Engineering and Computer Science West building, continued work on the 186,000-square-foot Science Building and strategic planning for future campus infrastructure. read more

Scientists Make Strong, Super-tough Carbon Sheets

microscope image showing bonded graphene sheet Researchers from UT Dallas and Beihang University have developed a lower-cost material with properties that exceed those of carbon fiber composites used in commercial products. read more

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