School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

New Insight Found in Black Hole Collisions

Dr. Michael Kesden New research by Dr. Michael Kesden provides revelations about the most energetic event in the universe - the merging of two spinning, orbiting black holes into a much larger black hole. read more

Synthetic Biology Yields New Approach to Gene Therapy

Dr. Leonidas Bleris and Richard Moore Bioengineers at The University of Texas at Dallas have created a novel gene-delivery system that shuttles a gene into a cell, but only for a temporary stay, providing a potential new gene-therapy strategy for treating disease. read more

Mental Math Wiz to Reveal the Magic of Calculations at Free Event

Dr. Arthur Benjamin Dr. Arthur Benjamin, a magician and professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, will share his mental math secrets during his free "Mathemagics" presentation on Saturday. read more

Nanotech Discoveries Move from Lab to Marketplace with Lintec Deal

Lintech of America, Inc. The licensing of work done by Dr. Ray Baughman and his UT Dallas colleagues brings together University technology and a new Richardson-based facility that is directed by a pair of alumni. read more

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