School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Eighty of the Nation's Brightest Mathematical Young Minds will be Brought Together at UTD Next Summer.

AwesomeMath Program to be Run by Dr. Titu Andreescu

The AwesomeMath program will be run by Dr. Titu Andreescu, UTD's Mathematics Education associate professor. Andreescu served as director of the American Mathematics Competition (1998-2003) and head coach of the USA Math Olympiad Team (1995-2002).

The three-week intensive summer camp, to be held from July 18, 2006 through August 7, 2006, is an initiative in response to numerous requests coming from parents and teachers of students wishing to hone their problem solving skills in particular and further their mathematics education in general.

The program offers mathematically gifted students the opportunity to engage in meaningful problem solving activities and explore in detail areas in advanced mathematics. The high quality instruction will be provided by renowned lecturers and Olympiad coaches.

For more details please visit the Awesome Math website.

  • Updated: February 10, 2014