School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Welch Scholar at UTD Wins National Recognition

It all began when Kirtana took advanced placement math and science courses at St. John's School in Houston. She scored a perfect 5 on all four of the exams. Of the 310,371 students that took the exam, Kirtana made it to the top 0.00773%.

Kirtana is the proud recipient of the 2004 SAT Perfect Score award from the Texas Governor and the Houston Mayor as well as the AP Distinguished Scholar Award 2004, and is a strong candidate for the 2005 Presidential Scholars Program.

Working at the Alan G. MacDiarmid Laboratory for Innovation at UTD, she participated in a poster presentation of her co-authored work titled "Poly(N-methylaniline) - Morphology and Applications" at the 60th Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society last year. Among her recent awards is the Bryn Mawr College Book Award last year.

There is more to Kirtana than acing exams and winning awards. She leads three academic clubs including the Science and Math Club, the Junior Engineering Technical Society, and the Cosmic Ray Detector Club that has won numerous awards--many of which she won individually. She is also a Biology and Chemistry National Olympiad semifinalist.

Kirtana's Recent Awards and Honors at a glance:

1) 2004-2005 Regional Siemens AP award (1 out of 24 in the nation)

2) Semifinalist in the 2004 Siemens Westinghouse research competition.

3) Semifinalist in the 2005 Intel Science Talent Search research competition.

4) Received SAT Perfect Score Award (2004) from Texas Governor and Houston Mayor.

5) AP distinguished Scholar award 2004.

6) Selected for participation in the 2005 Presidential Scholars Program.

7) President’s awards for community service in 10th and 11th grades

8) Texas Children’s Hospital award for community service

9) Recipient of the Bryn Mawr College Book Award (2004)

10) National French Contest awards in 9th and 10th grade:

11) Biology and Chemistry National Olympiad semifinalist

2005 Houston Science and Engineering Awards, Senior Division:

1) American Institute of Chemical Engineers - 1st place

2) American Chemical Society Greater Houston Section - 1st place

3) Society of Women Engineers - 1st place

4) Society of Plastics Engineers - 1st place

5) 2nd place Science and Technical Writing contest for PNMA paper

6) 2nd place in chemistry - overall

7) 3rd place from Texas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials

Extracurricular Activities:

  • President of school Science and Math club
  • President of school's JETS (Junior Engineering and Technical Society) Club
  • Chairperson of school’s Cosmic Ray Detector Club
  • SJS Chamber Strings Orchestra member as violinist
  • Staff writer of school newspaper “The Review” 3 years

Kirtana is an avid piano and violin player. She is also a member of the academic challenge team and the Chamber Strings Orchestra member as a violinist.

From a wide variety of school options for Kirtana, she chose Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, to pursue chemical engineering and materials science.

We are very proud of Kirtana, and we wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.


  • Updated: February 10, 2014