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Inquiry in the Science Classroom Lecture

Monday, November 14th, Ms. Barbara Curry will present Inquiry in the Science Classroom

The Teacher Development Center and the Science/Mathematics Education Department through the Teacher Quality Grant (Taking them to the Top!) program invites you to the first lecture in the Center for Science Education Research 2005-2006 Seminar Series.

Four lectures are being presented this year. These will take place on Monday evenings in the U.T. Dallas Conference Center from 6:00 until 7:30 pm. Monday, November 14th, Ms. Barbara Curry will present Inquiry in the Science Classroom:

The 1996 National Science Education Standards define scientific inquiry as a set of interrelated processes by which scientists and students pose questions about the natural world and investigate phenomena. Since publication of the standards, implementation of inquiry-based science instruction has been emphasized. Teachers have struggled, in part due to the difficulty of finding a good teaching model, but also as a result of test-driven curricula. This lecture will help give teachers a better idea of what inquiry-based science instruction looks like and how it can work in their classroom.

In support of this series, more detailed information can be found at :

We do want LOTS of audience participants to enjoy this unique series! Please share the good news about these events and encourage your students, friends, and families to attend as many as possible. This seminar is free and open to the public.

See you Monday evening(s)!

Cynthia E. Ledbetter, Ph.D.
Head, Science/Mathematics Education

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