School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Women in Physics founder Ms. Kelly Ann Drake, Recipient of the 2006 Feminist Ally award

The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics and the Department of Physics wish to congratulate Kelly Ann Drake for being named the 2006 Feminist Ally.

The Women's Center believes in the Spirit of Women.  This year, the Women’s Center hosted the first annual Spirit of Women Awards to publicly recognize individuals for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the success of women on campus and in the community. 

The Feminist Ally award is given to a student that promotes the advancement of women in our campus community, exhibiting leadership in activism and feminist ideals. 

Ms. Drake has been instrumental in the founding and maintaining of the student organization, Women in Physics, which promotes and encourages women to major in physics. 

Ms. Drake has exhibited leadership abilities in forming a week long summer physics camp for middle school girls.  The camp’s purpose is to encourage girls’ interest in science.  Ms. Drake has demonstrated a commitment and dedication to promoting the advancement of women on our campus as well as in the community.  

The extent of Ms. Drake's accomplishment is put into context by the following quote from Dr. Marc Hairston:

"The key point to understand about Kelly and the summer science camp for girls is that all of this was a grass roots effort by her and the Women in Physics. No one in faculty or administration ever said, 'We should have something like this. Let's assign some students to do it.'

"Kelly and the rest of the Women in Physics students saw the need and decided to create the camp on their own. Completely on their own they raised the funds, they organized the program, they bought or borrowed the equipment, they overcame all bureaucratic hurdles the University threw at them, and they managed not only to have a successful series of camps, but also to make a real difference in their students and in the University.

"Most of us just complain about problems, but Kelly is one of these powerhouses who can't see a need without going about trying to fix it. Personally, I think it's the former Marine in her." -Dr. Marc Hairston, UTD Center for Space Sciences.

  • Updated: February 10, 2014