School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Mathematical Induction: An Elegant and Powerful Method

Dr. Titu Andreescu, a UTD Mathematics Education associate professor, will present Mathematical Induction: An Elegant and Powerful Method on Monday, February 13th from 6:00 until 7:30 pm at the UTD Conference Center, CN 1.112.

Mathematical induction is a very important method of proof and finds uses in various domains of mathematics and science. Through rich and interesting examples Dr. Andreescu will discuss how this method plays out in the classroom and its particular importance in connection with mathematical contests. During the presentation, Dr. Andreescu will also illustrate how this method could be successfully employed in solving Olympiad caliber problems.

The Teacher Development Center and the Science/Mathematics Education Department present the lecture series through the Teacher Quality Grant (Taking them to the Top!) program. This is the third lecture in the Center for Science Education Research 2005-2006 Seminar Series.

Please share this information with your colleagues interested in teaching mathematics, and encourage your students, friends, and families to attend. This seminar is free and open to the public.

Andreescu served as Director of the American Mathematics Competition (1998-2003) and Head Coach of the USA Math Olympiad Team (1995-2002).

  • Updated: February 10, 2014