School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NS&M Outstanding Teacher Awards Reception

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is proud to recognize Dr. Michael C. Biewer from the Department of Chemistry as the receipient of the outstanding faculty instructor award and Mr. Sumihiro Suzuki from the Department of Mathematical Sciences as the recipient of the outstanding teaching assistant award.

The recognition was made public during a reception in the NS&M Dean’s Suite, on Thursday, April 27, 2006.

The reception had a high attendance. Dr. Ferraris presented Dr. Biewer with an elegant crystal plaque, and Mr. Suzuki with a plaque plus $500.

The recipients’ names were also inscribed on a permanent plaque to be displayed in the Dean’s office complex.

Students were asked to nominate the professors (including senior lecturers) and teaching assistants in NS&M who have made the biggest positive impact on their education.

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics places great importance on the work of talented and committed teachers. Congratulations Dr. Biewer and Mr. Suzuki!

  • Updated: February 10, 2014