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About the AIRC

Faculty at the AIRC

The Advanced Imaging Research Center faculty expertise covers a broad range of imaging topics. Dr. Sherry serves as the AIRC Director along with Cardiologist Dr. Craig Malloy, Medical Director, and Dr. Neil Rofsky, Chair of Radiology and Director of Translational Imaging. From research in basic chemistry, physics and engineering to advanced clinical applications, the AIRC covers a broad scope of research.

Following is a list of current faculty at the AIRC. Many of our faculty have joint appointments at UT Dallas in chemistry, physics or bioengineering.

A. Dean Sherry, PhD AIRC Director & Professor
Craig Malloy, MD AIRC Medical Director and Professor
Neil Rofsky, MD Director of Translational Imaging
Robert E. Lenkinski, PhD Professor and Vice Chair of Research
Hancheng Cai, PhD Assistant Professor - Radiology
Changho Choi, PhD Professor
Robert Mattrey, MD Professor
Joseph Maldjian, MD Professor
Fangyu Peng, MD, PhD Associate Professor - Radiology
Masaya Takahashi, PhD Associate Professor
Jeffery Browning, MD Associate Professor - Internal Medicine
Sergey Cheshkov, PhD Assistant Professor
Ian Corbin, PhD Assistant Professor
Charlie Khemtong, PhD Assistant Professor
Zoltan Kovacs, PhD Associate Professor
Albert Montillo, PhD Assistant Professor
Jae Mo Park, PhD Assistant Professor
Jimin Ren, PhD Associate Professor
Xiankai Sun, PhD Assistant Professor - Radiology
Eunsook Jin, PhD Associate Professor
Todd Soesbe, PhD Assistant Professor
Vlad Zaha, MD, PhD Assistant Professor
Jeffry Alger, PhD Adjunct Professor
Ivan Dimitrov, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrea Wiethoff, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor