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Graduate Admissions

Course Descriptions

ED 5318 Supervised Teaching Internship (3 semester hours) Students are hired by a partner school district as a teacher of record with university supervision, workshops, and mentoring during the two semesters they are enrolled in this course.  Prerequisite: Admission to internship program. Student will also enroll in ED 5319 the second semester of the Internship. Prerequisite: passing scores on both state required TExES examinations.  (3-0) Y

ED 5319 Supervised Teaching Internship II (3 semester hours) The second semester of supervised teaching internship.  Prerequisite: successful completion of ED 5318. (3-0) Y

ED 5320 (online only) Issues in Educational Technology (3 semester hours) This course addresses two key technological issues that directly impact education: information overload and nonlinear processing.  These same challenges offer the key to effective design and integration of web-based media into the classroom learning environment.  Teachers, administrators, researchers, and curriculum developers will learn how to select/apply appropriate tools to enhance classroom teaching and school management. (3-0) Y

ED 5344 (online only) Chess I: Introduction (3 semester hours) A consideration of methods for using chess to teach critical thinking, math, and reading skills in the elementary classroom, based upon the curricular model developed by McNeil.  This course is also appropriate for chess instructors who wish to incorporate additional academic and humanistic goals into their programs.  No previous knowledge of chess is required.  This course is offered exclusively through eLearning. (3-0) R

ED 5345 Chess II: Institutional and Cultural Contexts of Chess (3 semester hours) A consideration of the role of chess historically and in contemporary culture. This course explores chess research and educational resources. Analysis of the interactions of women and chess through the ages. Each student prepares a proposal based on the curriculum model of Ralph W. Tyler, for chess at an institution. No previous knowledge of chess is required. The course is offered through UTD's eLearning. (3-0) R  

English as a Second Language  

ED 5353 (HUED 5353) Teaching English as a Second Language (3 semester hours) The investigation of modern techniques of teaching English to speakers of other languages.  Students will develop materials relating to language learning, language testing, and analyzing differences among languages. (3-0) Y

ED 5V01 Independent Study (1-6 semester hours) (May be repeated for credit.) ([1-6]-0) R

ED 5V02 Special Topics in Education (1-3 semester hours) (May be repeated for credit to a maximum of 9 hours.) ([1-3]-0) R  

Last Updated: June 28, 2012