Compliance Advisory Committee

The Compliance Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) is an information-sharing and awareness-raising advisory group that provides leadership and helps ensure accountability for University compliance. The Advisory Committee accomplishes this by identifying and evaluating institutional risks and communicating recommendations to the Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) to aid in remediation efforts.

Advisory Committee members are campus leaders, appointed by the Compliance Officer, that help carry out University compliance efforts.


To advise and assist in the performance of specific tasks in the compliance program, such as:

  • Developing a risk-based Compliance Plan.
  • Ensuring compliance awareness around campus.
  • Participate in discussions aimed at identifying, prioritizing and remediating institutional risks.
  • Provide input and recommendations on training issues to the ECC.
  • Provide input on policy and operational issues relevant to a successful compliance effort.
  • Aid in the identification of significant compliance risks and cross-jurisdictional issues where exposures may not have been addressed.
  • Evaluate the risks associated with emerging compliance issues and bring them to the Advisory Committee to ensure accountability has been established.
  • Participate in the evaluation of Risk Management Plans for all high-risk areas.
  • Evaluating reports from University officials responsible for high-risk areas.

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Member Area of Responsibility
Armitage, Mariah Emergency Management
Austell, Paula Endowments
Barganier, Nancy Tax Compliance
Bernoussi, Reda Accounting and Financial Reporting
Beverly, Wanda Financial Services
Bond, Pete Procurement Management
Bratt, Paula Gifts
Cantwell, Adam Payroll
Chitkara, Jaideep PeopleSoft Access
Dempsey, Richard Facilities Management
Dutton, Colleen Human Resources
Fishbein, Bob Auxiliary Services and Logistic
Fitch, Gene Student Affairs
Howe, Nate Information Security
Kratz, Abby Academic Affairs
Leaf, Murray Faculty Senate
Liner, David Environmental Health and Safety
Marin, Angela Athletics
Mayes, Jennifer Financial Compliance
McDowell, Jennifer FERPA
McKinney, Kelly Contracts and Grants
Montgomery, Amanda NCAA Compliance (academic)
Okhovat, Sanaz Research Compliance
Pearson, Donise HIPAA Privacy
Redman, Tim Faculty Senate
Tolan, Beth Financial Aid
Zacharias, Larry Clery Act and Campus Safety