Request Approval for Outside Activities

In accordance with Regents’ Rule 30104, UT System Policy UTS180 and UTDPP1091, employees must obtain prior approval before engaging in any outside activity that occurs outside the duties and responsibilities of their UTD appointment. Employees must request approval before engaging in the following activities:

  • All outside employment or other compensated activities.
  • Service on outside boards.
  • Any uncompensated activity that reasonably appears to create a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment.

Please read UTDPP1091 for a list of activities that may be exempt from prior approval.

All Faculty and researchers subject to the Research Conflict of Interest Policy (UTDPP1029) who need to request approval for an outside activity under the general Outside Activity policy (UTDPP1091) should continue to disclose using the UT Dallas research portal and should not re-disclose using this system.

Click on the Request Approval button below to access the Outside Activity Portal and submit a Request for Approval Form. Please note that approval must be obtained before engaging in any outside activities.


All requests for approval should be routed according to the following process:

Academic DepartmentsThe request should be routed to the respective Department Chair and then to the following:

  1. Dean of the appropriate school
  2. Dr. Inga Musselman, Provost Office – [email protected]
  3. Heather Dragoo, Institutional Equity and Compliance – [email protected]

All Other Departments The request should be routed to the Director/Program Director and then to the following:

  1. Appropriate vice president
  2. Heather Dragoo, Institutional Equity and Compliance – [email protected]

Please note the following:

  1. All requests must be made through the portal.
  2. The portal times out after 10 minutes, so please save your work frequently.
  3. The portal may be unavailable between 7 and 9 p.m. for UT System to make updates to the portal.
  4. Use Internet Explorer (at least version 9), Chrome (version 32), and Safari (version 7.0.1), may not work with Firefox or on mobile devices.