Affirmative Action

The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to equal opportunity in employment for all individuals. The University prohibits discrimination and/or harassment on any basis prohibited by applicable federal or state law including race, color, relation, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify, gender expression, age, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, disability or genetic information, in recruitment, employment, promotion, compensation, benefits or training.

The University has a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan which sets forth programs and goals for increasing the representation of historically excluded groups.

Why is UT Dallas an Affirmative Action Employer?

The University of Texas at Dallas is a research institution that receives federal funding through federal financial aid programs and federal grants and contracts thereby making UT Dallas a federal contractor. As such, the University has developed Affirmative Action Plan(s) (AAP) pursuant to Executive Order 11246 as amended, which prohibits discrimination by federal contractors with respect to women and minorities. As a community we are committed to equal opportunity for all individuals.

Affirmative Action – More than a requirement

As a federal contractor the University must abide by the federal statute detailed above. However, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is what really sets us apart. As former president David Daniel stated, “As one of the most diverse universities in the country we must continue our commitment to creating an environment that not only follows the law, but establishes an environment that is inclusive – where individuals with various backgrounds can contribute and learn from each other.”

What Affirmative Action is Not

UT Dallas is committed to providing opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities to self-identify their status. Applicants for employment complete a questionnaire, electronically or manually, during the application process. New hires and current employees are invited to self-identify and may do so by logging on to the Galaxy system, going to Staff Tools and clicking on Voluntary Self-Identification. Current employees are invited to self-identify every five years, with a reminder in between, and are given the directions to add or change their information on the Galaxy page; however, they are welcome to make changes at any time if needed.

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