SC Conference 2018

Technological innovation has become synonymous with innovation as a whole in the twenty first century. Continual conversations and absorption of information in the field individually progress the industry in increments. To become a part of the movement that inspires these conversations, book your ticket for the SC Conference this year! It’s a great place to sharpen your technology skills with the tutorials and workshops, network with people from all around the world, and get hands on with next-generation technologies.

Along with that the SC Conference is a great platform to gain these insight into the conversations on what the latest trends in technology are and the direction it’s heading in. With coverage on: system center management, large-scale deployment and integration, system enhancement and effectiveness improvements, user and application support experience, and the convergence of big data and extreme computing; the agenda is extremely dynamic and exciting!

With a power packed schedule over the course of six days, every minute will keep people on the edge of their seats. This year it will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Downtown Dallas from November 10 – November 16. To get more information about the event of the year, check out: