Introducing Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the Creative Cloud applications available for free to all UT Dallas faculty members and employees. This artistic app assists you in editing and developing photos. Creators upload photo albums and see the before and after effects of their enhancements.

In the Lightroom app, there are 7 different sections for you to access:

  • Library: Upload your selfies or trip photos
  • Develop: Editing tools, black & white effect, lighting, and clarity
  • Map: Tag photos to their specific locations
  • Book: Make a “photo album” with all your newly edited photos
  • Slideshow: Compile photos into a timed slideshow
  • Print: Print out photos to put on walls or to decorate a boring office space
  • Web: Create web galleries to put on personal websites or social media accounts

Upload your selfies and get creative by adding more light to heighten your most beautiful features and highlight your best memories!

To request access to Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Creative Cloud, please contact the OIT Help Desk.