Digital Transformation (Dx) provides support, maintenance, development and services for campus enterprise administrative information systems. These systems support student administration and services, financial management, budget, procurement management, human resources management, facility management and numerous ancillary systems. Dx also provides general standards and guidelines for application development, installation, and maintenance.

Digital Content Services

Digital Content Services (DCS) is responsible for OnBase, the software suite from Hyland, that is an enterprise system combining document imaging, workflow, and eForms with document management tools to capture, preserve, and deliver digital documents.

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Enhanced Enterprise Reporting

The objectives of Digital Transformation’s Enhanced Enterprise Reporting initiative are to promote increased use of UTD’s existing information assets and to create new reports and data analysis capabilities without replicating or conflicting with existing reports or other information sources.

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Financial Management Systems

Financial Management Systems (FMS) provides technical support for all things financial but primarily PeopleSoft. There are several modules within PeopleSoft Finance, some of which are General Ledger, Procurement, Asset Management, and Project Costing. PeopleSoft Finance also interfaces with other applications, both internal to UTD and external. The FMS team supports PeopleSoft Finance FMS through maintenance activities and also performs many customizations at the functional end-user’s request.

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Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management (HCM) team is dedicated to supporting the core business needs of the University through the development, use, and maintenance of enterprise information systems. HCM provides the integrated exchange of data with internal and external stakeholders, advises management of best practices, and delivers timely and accurate services to stakeholders in a professional and courteous fashion.

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Identity Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) team supports technologies and business processes that provide a digital identity environment to enable online collaboration and stakeholder engagement, while maintaining the security and integrity of the university’s digital assets.

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Learning Management Systems

The Learning Management Systems (LMS) team is responsible for maintaining the technical side of an online learning environment. The team ensures that system availability for a 24/7 basis.

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Mobile Applications Development

The Mobile Applications Development team is committed to assisting UT Dallas with the development, maintenance, and support of mobile application initiatives. The team develops and supports the UTD Mobile app for campus, and we assist in the deployment of apps to the UT Dallas’ app store accounts with Apple and Google. We develop mobile app solutions for campus like a customizable event app used by JSOM, ECS, Ackerman Center, and the UTD Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance.

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Student Information Systems

The Student Information Systems (SIS) team is dedicated to supporting students, faculty and staff through the development of various systems to support critical activities, including admissions, enrollment, grading, advising, and graduation. SIS represents the primary interaction point for students and faculty with Enterprise Systems. The SIS team is focused on ensuring that interaction is user-friendly, efficient and productive throughout the user lifecycle at UT Dallas. We also provide assistance to the campus in integrating with other tools used to enhance the student and faculty experience and provide world-class support.

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