Systems, Security & IT Architecture Services (SSIA) provides foundational IT services for the University necessary for the delivery of the majority of other IT services. A description of the main services provided by SSIA are listed below.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services provides the Office of Information Technology the underlying foundation of Virtual, Physical, and Storage systems to support the operation and services of the University. Infrastructure Services Team maintains the reliability and viability of the computing facilities by providing optimal datacenter computing and data protection.

Microsoft Stack – Systems & Enterprise Platforms

The Office of Information Technology Windows Stack Team provides quality service and effective enterprise solutions to enable the University to achieve its mission, vision and goals. The OIT WSSEP team focuses on, but is not limited to, Microsoft on premise and hosted solutions including Windows servers, services and collaboration services. This OIT team provides the highest quality of service in design, deployment, administration and maintenance of enterprise infrastructure and collaborative services; through innovative, efficient, technical leadership, proactive professionalism, knowledge, ingenuity and the integrity of its dedicated engineers.

Linux Systems – Services & Environments

The Linux Team provides a number of services to the university community at large and to central and distributed IT teams. Customer facing services include mailing lists, general access systems, and the primary web infrastructure for the campus. Back end services include DNS, DHCP, & IP address management (DDI), internet domain management, application load balancing, Linux system authentication and authorization, Red Hat licensing and patch repositories, log aggregation & analysis, as well as the architecture, design, deployment, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of servers, with a focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Networking and Telecommunications Services

Networking and Telecommunication services is responsible for the design, support and operation of the campus backbone network, the campus wireless network, connections to external networks including the commodity Internet and various research and education networks, campus communications/telephony, and video networking services.

Production Support

The Production Support Team provides software solutions targeting automation, monitoring, issue resolution, collaboration, dashboards and system health alerts. Our primary toolset to accomplish this includes Zabbix, Control-M and PagerDuty.