Many different tools and systems exist for watching the health of the IT systems. OIT leverages Zabbix to provide the platform for monitoring, reporting and metrics for the health status and history of IT systems.

Zabbix provides the ability to define templates, rules and triggers for gathering IT resource health status that can be configured to notify service owners of potential issues and automatically alert through PagerDuty of serious issues.

Zabbix can be configured to monitor and collect metrics for applications, databases, hardware, services (internal and external), virtual environments, containers and clouds. Zabbix can use agent and agentless data collection mechanisms. It can use SNMP and IMPI agents and custom methods. For issue detection, Zabbix provides thresholds, severity level, root cause analysis, anomaly detection and trend prediction.

Zabbix offers a single pane of glass to view the health and metrics for an IT environment. Dashboards and screens can be configured to provide the information desired for each particular audience. Widget-based dashboards, graphs, network maps, slideshows and drill-down reports are some of the features provided for visualization of an IT service or area.

Request Zabbix Services – New or Updates

To request a new or updated Zabbix service for monitoring, metrics, dashboards or alerting, create an OIT Prod Support JIRA ticket.

Information to include in the request:

  • Due date of the Zabbix service delivery
  • Purpose of the Zabbix service
  • Support group that will use the service
  • Type of service (monitoring, auto discovery, template creation, dashboard, remediation, alerting)
  • Contact for the request

OIT Prod Support JIRA

For more information about IT Monitoring, contact [email protected].