Monitoring tools, issue reporting systems and technical staff are common sources of identification of IT health issues. PagerDuty can interface with these sources to automate the alerting of issues to the service owners and key areas.

PagerDuty provides the ability to define support teams, schedules and escalation rules for each service area. Individuals define the mechanisms by which to be notified such as SMS, phone calls and emails. Individuals can set up repeat rules for each delivery type, the order of mechanisms and delays.

APIs are available for automating the triggering of alerts from other applications and monitoring systems (eg. Zabbix, SCOM). PagerDuty also interfaces with other incident management tools such as Cherwell (ATLAS) and JIRA. It is simple to add other integrations through email and web posts.

Request Alerting Configuration – New or Updates

To request a new alerting rule or modification to an existing alerting rule managed through PagerDuty, create an OIT Prod Support JIRA ticket.

Information to include in the request:

  • Due date of the alert delivery
  • Purpose of the alerting
  • Support group that will receive the alerts
  • Type of alerting (API, email)
  • Contact for the request

OIT Prod Support JIRA

For more information about IT Monitoring, contact [email protected].