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Getting Started

Courses to take

The PeopleSoft Training Courses document suggests courses for varying roles including Administrative Assistant, Business Officer, Supervisor, and Faculty. If you have other questions about the courses you may need to take, please contact a member of the PeopleSoft Training team or your Fiscal/Business Officer.

Note: The Intro to PeopleSoft-Orion, Financials, HR class is required for new Orion users.


Online Courses

All online course calendars show 8:00am for every day. This doesn’t matter. You can take this course anytime, anywhere.

Instructor Led Courses:

Click on the date/time of the class you want to take. Be sure to check the next month. Fill out the form and Submit.

  • All Training Classes listed on this website are FREE to all faculty, staff and students.
  • After registering for a class you should receive a confirmation email. Contact us if you do not.
  • Classrooms vary by the class schedule. They are listed on the class registration calendar and in your confirmation email.

Intro to PeopleSoft – Orion, Financials, HR

This class has two parts: Online, and Instructor-Led. PART 1 (Online) must be taken first.

PART 1 – Online

PART 1 is an online course designed to give all users the fundamentals of using PeopleSoft. (Select PeopleSoft and Related Training on the eLearning homepage.)

  • Recommended for all PeopleSoft users.
  • Required for Orion users.

Learn how to login, navigate, create a Favorite, and use the common buttons, icons, and links found in PeopleSoft.

PART 2 – Instructor-Led

PART 2 is an instructor-led course designed to give users a greater understanding of PeopleSoft and its functionality.

  • Recommended for frequent PeopleSoft users.
  • Required for Orion users.

Learn how to conduct complex searches, work with search results, and update data. Other topics include Effective Dates, history data, Search/Match, FERPA, and service indicators. This 1.5 hr class is conducted twice a month and is also available as needed by contacting the Training Team.


Instructor Led Courses

PeopleSoft Financial Management courses (online and instructor-led) are your tools to explain to use Budgeting (Commitment Control), IDTs, Auto JEs, Billing, Reporting and Analytics and Account Reconciliation.

Account Reconciliation I
  • Introduction
    • Account Reconciliation Tasks
    • What is PeopleSoft Account Reconciliation?
    • Account Reconciliation search
  • Actuals
    • Actuals page structure
    • Tasks used while viewing Actuals page
  • Other Pages
    • Overview of Encumbrance page
    • Review of Budgets page
    • Session review and wrap-up
Billing and Invoicing
  • Overview of Peoplesoft Billing/Invoicing Module
  • New Billing
    • Creating a Bill and reviewing Pro Forma
    • Creating an final invoice
  • Existing Billing
    • Copying existing Bills
    • Reviewing generated invoices using Bill Summary
  • Reports
    • Reviewing Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Review
    • Session review and wrap-up
Budget Journals
  • Overview of Commitment Control
    • Review of types of Budget Journals
  • Create Budget Journal
    • Creating a Budget Transfer Journal
      • Building journal pages
    • Creating a Budget Adjustment Journal
      • Building journal pages
  • Review
    • Session review and wrap-up
Budgets Overview
  • Overview of Commitment Control
  • Budget Activity
    • Review of Budget Activity pages
  • Queries
    • Budgets Overview Query
    • Budget Details Query
  • Review
    • Session review and Wrap-up
General Ledger Inquiry
  • Overview of General Ledger
  • Queries
    • General Ledger Queries
    • Types of Queries
      • ChartField Value Set search
      • Specific Account search
      • Fund Balance search
  • Review
    • Session review and Wrap-up

Job Aids

Human Resources

PeopleSoft HR allows every employee to manage their own information through HR Employee Self-Service. The online courses cover specific topics, so that you can take them however, whenever and wherever you wish by downloading the files to your computer.

Online HCM Presentations

  • PeopleSoft HCM Overview – This online presentation explains how PeopleSoft HCM is structured including an important section on HCM reporting. This presentation is 20 minutes.

Online Self-Service Presentations

  • Benefits – Absence Balances
  • Benefits – Benefits Summary
  • Benefits – Dependent Coverages
  • Benefits – Flexible Spending Acct – (this online function is not available to all employees at this time)
  • Benefits – Life Event – (at this time, this online function has been turned off so your Benefits Representative may personally assist you)
  • Payroll & Comp – Compensation History – (this online function is not available to all employees at this time)
  • Payroll & Comp – Direct Deposits
  • Payroll & Comp – Federal W-4 Tax – (this online function is not available to all employees at this time)
  • Payroll & Comp – View Paychecks
  • Personal Info – Maintain Addresses
  • Personal Info – Maintain Emergency Contacts
  • Personal Info – Maintain Phones – (a mobile phone type is required for UTD EMS)
  • Personal Info – Marital Status – (at this time, this online function has been turned off so your Human Resources Representative may personally assist you)
  • Personal Info – Name Change – (at this time, this online function has been turned off so your Human Resources Representative may personally assist you)

Time and Absence

Self-paced tutorials are available on Galaxy covering the following topics:

  • Timesheet for Monthly Exempt Employees
  • Timesheet for Monthly Non-Exempt Employees
  • Timesheet for Semi-Monthly Employees
  • Web Clock for Semi-Monthly Employees
  • Absences – Report and Request
  • Absences – Full Days
  • Absences – Single Partial Day
  • Absences – Multiple Days Sick/Vacation
  • Absences – Request Future Sick and Vacation
  • Absences – Edit and Cancel
  • Absences – Review History of Sick and Vacation Requests
  • Approver – Approve Employees
  • Approver – Manager Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know which training classes to take?

Your best source is your supervisor. However, a PeopleSoft Training Role document is available which outlines suggested courses for a variety of roles.

Is training required?

PeopleSoft training is always recommended. Training is required before security access can be given in Orion. The security of student information in Orion is protected by FERPA – the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of the Federal government.

What do I need to bring to training class?

It’s helpful to bring a red pen and highlighter. Note: No food or drink is allowed. A small water bottle – with a secure cap is allowed.

What is a Functional Lead?

Simply put: the person assigned a specific module (related portions) of an application and is responsible for ensuring appropriate security is granted and that the module is functioning correctly.

What is the distinction between Gemini and Orion?

Orion is the “personalized” name given to the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. It was implemented in 2008-2009. Gemini is the name given to the “twin” applications of PeopleSoft Financials and HCM, implemented at the same time in 2011. Trivia: Most universities personalize application names based on their mascot or colors.

What other training is available on campus besides PeopleSoft and Related Training?

There are several departments which offer training, notably Information Security and eLearning. Many training opportunities can be found on the HR training calendar and/or the Comet Calendar. The news email ‘Intercom’ often contains information on training classes available.

Where is the training classroom?

Classrooms vary with each class. They are listed at the time you register so be sure to look for it. The interactive Campus Map is very helpful. Note: Classes start on time.

Who decides what access I can have in an application?

Your supervisor starts the process with listing your job responsibilities on a CAR form. The “data owner” determines what access is given based on the responsibilities listed. Always notify your supervisor if you don’t have access or the right access to perform your job responsibilities.

Why do the screens in PeopleSoft appear different all of a sudden?

The most common reason is that changes have been made to the application either by the Office of Information Technology or PeopleSoft. These changes are made in response to changes in government regulations or change requests by users. Less likely, you may have made a change to your computer or a customization in PeopleSoft and you were unaware of its affect. Clear your cache occasionally to avoid unexpected bugs.

Why does PeopleSoft lock up sometimes?

The most common cause is that you need to clear your cache. Every time you visit a web site, cache accumulates on your computer and can cause it to run slowly or lock up. You should set your Control Panel – Internet Options to “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed”. Call the Help Desk at x2911 if you need help doing this. Less frequently, if you have already cleared cache, you may have to close your browser and log back in. Also, be alert to campus-wide email notifications of any larger issues.

Feedback and Suggestions

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If you have any questions regarding training (class registration, topics offered, changing or rescheduling a class, etc.), please contact the PeopleSoft training team members.