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Resetting Your Net ID Password


Password Reset

Step 1: Navigate to the link (netid.utdallas.edu) and select “Password Reset OR Unlock Account”




Step 2: Read and Accept the terms. Select "Continue"





Step 3: Enter your Net ID in the field.




Step 4. Enter your UTD ID in the field. This is number can be found on your comet card or you should have received in an email from admissions. If your UTD ID only has 8 digits, add a ‘20’ to the front of those 8 digits when you enter it.






Step 5: Enter your Birthday in the format MM/DD/YYYY. Ensure you are including any leading zeroes and that you are using forward slashes as shown.




Step 6: Enter a New Password, ensure that your password complies with UTD policies, you’ve never used it before, and that it contains no easily guessable personal information.




Step 7: Press the ‘Validate New Password’ button to begin validating your password



A small window should appear at the top of your browser as shown below. Enter your Net ID and your New Password and it will validate that it has been changed correctly.




Step 8: Registering your Personal Email. Press the Next button to continue.








Enter your New Password to continue





Enter a Personal Email Address (Not your UTD Email) and then press next




After that you should receive this screen meaning you’ve successfully reset you password.