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Backup your data with Crashplan.

Note: You must first contact the Help Desk to request that the CrashPlan client be installed on your computer.

Important Recommendations:

  • Back up only what you need. This excludes data on mapped drives.
  • Exclude Operating System files.
  • Back up your default user folder and other important files and folders.
  • Use the wired UT Dallas network for the initial backup. Future incremental backups will run quicker over the the wired network, but will also run fine over wireless.

Step 1

  • Launch the CrashPlan client.
  • Log in with your NetID and Password.
  • Go to the Backup tab.

Step 2

  • Under Files, click Change.

Step 3

  • In the Change File Selection window, your computer’s hard drives will be listed. (e.g. “C:/”)
    • Click the small triangle to the left of the hard drive label to see its sub-folders.
    • Your default user folder will be listed under Users and will usually be labeled with your NetID.

Step 4

  • Expand the user folder and select the files or folders you would like to back up.
    • Clicking the box to the left of your user folder will select (or un-select) all the contents of that folder and sub-folders.
    • Clicking the little arrow next to your user folder will expand the list of sub-folders which will allow you to select (or un-select) individual files or folders.
    • For example, you may only want to back up the Documents folder. This is accomplished by specifically check marking the box to the left of the Documents folder and un-checking everything else under the user folder.
    • Certain files or folders from selected directories may also be excluded from the back up by clearing the check mark to the left of each of those folders.
    Note: The example schematic above shows the user xyz123456 to have selected file2.txt under Documents for back up.
    Caution! Excluding previously selected files results in excluded files being deleted from the backup archive. The now-excluded files will not be available for restoring.

Step 5

  • Once you have selected the files and folders you would like to backup, click on Save.
    • The files and folders you selected will now appear in the Files list in the main CrashPlan window.

Step 6

  • To initiate the backup, either click the small “Play/Pause” button to the right of the progress bar (under Destinations) or let CrashPlan initiate the backup on its own at the next time.
    • During backup, remaining time will be shown under the progress bar.
    • The backup will continue if you close the CrashPlan window.
    • If your computer goes to sleep, CrashPlan will resume backup when it wakes up.
    Note: The first back up may take quite a long time depending on how much data you have chosen to back up and network type (wired or wireless).

    If you would like more details about Backing Up with CrashPlan, click here.

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Restore backed up data with CrashPlan.

Users may only restore their own data from the PROe client. It is not possible to restore from another user’s account. If needed, an admin may also restore data for the user.

Review the material at the link below before attempting to restore files.

Code42: Downloading Files from the Code42 CrashPlan App

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Use the Settings tab to customize General, Backup, Account, Security, and Network settings.

Note: Your CrashPlan administrator may enable, disable, or otherwise customize certain CrashPlan client features for the purpose of standardization. Contact your administrator to learn more.

Step 1

  • General

    The General page contains basic settings such as the name of the client computer, determining computer and battery usage (for laptops) and resource allocation to CrashPlan, and the language in which to display the program, etc.

  • Backup

    The Backup page contains settings that determine when CrashPlan will run, selection verification, the number of file versions to keep, when deleted files can be removed, advanced settings that affect CrashPlan performance and inbound backup settings, and backup sets.

    • Frequency and Versions

      The Frequency and versions feature lets you control the backup frequency and version settings for your desktop client.

    • Filename Exclusions

      The Filename exclusions feature allows you to exclude files and folders from the backup that end with “pattern”. It also lets you specify regular expressions for greater flexibility over file and folder patterns to exclude from the backup.

    • Advanced Settings

      The Advanced settings feature allows for disabling/enabling data de-duplication, compression, encryption, and watching file system in real-time.

  • Network

    The Network page lets you control CrashPlan client’s performance and adjust its impact on the network.

For more details about CrashPlan Settings, click here.

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How long are backup archives kept?

There are various configurable parameters. Click here and review the “Settings :: Frequency and Versions” section for details. Note: Excluding previously selected files results in excluded files being deleted from the backup archive. The now-excluded files will not be available for restoring.

Will the Office of Information Technology monitor the backups?

No, OIT will play an administrative or support role only. The users will be responsible for monitoring their respective backups.

Can I back up my email?

Rather than allow CrashPlan to backup your entire Outlook archive, create a .pst file and save it on your local drive to then be backed up. Refer to our How To guide to learn about creating .pst files: How To: Create a .pst file in Outlook.

Can I restore my data to a different computer or location?

Yes, you may use CrashPlan’s web interface to restore your data to a different computer. Code42: Downloading All Files on a New Devices or Drive

Can I deactivate old systems when I no longer need them?

Yes. If you receive a new system, restore all your files to the new system, and don’t adopt the old system at this point, then the old system will stay around as long as your account is active. If this happens, you can select Destinations -> select Computers -> select Deactivate Computer and it will be removed from your account. Code42: Removing A Computer From Your Account

How can I change the default backup timing?

You can change whether CrashPlan will always run or only during specified times on the Settings/General page. Additional backup configuration parameters are available on the Settings/Backup page.

How will CrashPlan impact the performance of my device?

Depending on the data volume being backed up CrashPlan may have some impact on other processes running on your device, especially during the initial “seeding”, i.e. during the initial transmittal of data from your device to the CrashPlan server. Subsequent backup occurring (by default) every 15 minutes to handle deltas (file changes/new files) should not have a significant impact on performance. You may need to tweak the relevant settings on the General and Backup pages on the client to determine the optimal backup scenario for your device.

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