General Settings

  • Network Name or SSID: eduroam
  • 802.11 Operating Mode: Infrastructure or Network (not ad hoc)
  • Security Mode: Enterprise (not Personal)
  • Network Authentication: WPA2
  • Data Encryption: AES or AES-CCMP
  • Roaming Identity or Outer Identity: Organization Login Credentials
  • Authentication Type or Outer Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Authentication Protocol or Inner Authentication: MS-CHAPv2
  • Credentials: Organization Login Credentials
  • Validate Server Certificate or Verify Server Name: Choose YES
  • Certificate Issuer or Trusted Root CA: AddTrust External Root CA
  • Server Name or Certificate Name:
  • Server Name Must Match: Choose YES

Eduroam Automatic Configuration Tool

Note: In order to use this tool, you must be on The University of Texas at Dallas campus and connected to the UTDGuest wireless network.

Step 1

  • Connect to the UTD Guest wireless network.
  • Note: Make sure “Connect Automatically” is not checked.

Step 2

  • Open your browser and point it to any webpage.
  • Wait to be redirected to the UTDGuest login page (Wireless Guest Portal).
  • Enter the provided user name and password on the page
  • By clicking Submit, you agree to the terms of use outlined on the page.
  • Note: If you are not re-directed automatically, you can instead type in the address

Step 3

  • Once connected to the Guest network, Click Here to be directed to the automatic configuration tool.