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Find your Mac address


Step 1

  • Open the Command Prompt.
  • Type ipconfig -all.
  • Hit Enter.

Step 2

  • Take note of your Physical Address and IP Address if desired.


Step 1

  • Open System Preferences.

Step 2

  • Go to Network.

Step 3

  • Choose Ethernet from the options to the left.
  • Take note of your IP Address if desired.
  • Click Advanced.

Step 4

  • Go to the Hardware tab.
  • The Mac Address is listed at the top.


  • Open a new Shell Prompt.
  • Type ifconfig -a or alternatively ip link
  • Hit Enter.
  • Your MAC Address will be listed as either HWaddr or eth0


Wired Non-Residential CometNet Connection

  • To register your MAC address for wired campus use, please email [email protected] or create a ticket with the following information:
    • MAC Address:
    • Registration type – Personal or UTD Asset Number:
    • Location of Machine (office/room number):
  • Please be sure to enter the MAC address only as hexadecimal numbers. If your MAC address is 00:11:22:AA:BB:CC, you would enter it below as 001122AABBCC.
  • MAC address registrations take approximately 24 hours to complete.
Note: It is no longer necessary to register MAC addresses for use on the wireless networks.