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Smartphone Mobile Application

If you are using the Duo Mobile application on your smartphone, you can log in using the code or push notification provided to you through the app.

Duo Application Code

  • Open the Duo app to find the "University of Texas at Dallas" button.
  • Tap the Key button to the right side of the screen, and the application will display a code.
  • Type this code into the "2nd Password" field to log in.

Duo Application Push

  • After filling out the other information on the log in screen, type "push" into the "2nd Password" field to receive a push notification on your smartphone labelled "Login request: The University of Texas at Dallas".
  • Tap the "Approve" then "Confirm" in the notification, and you should be automatically logged in.


If you do not have the Duo app installed, or do not have access to a smartphone, you can still log in by having the system contact you at the phone number you set up your NetIDplus account with.

Phone Call

  • After filling out the other information on the log in screen, type "phone" into the "2nd Password" field and you will receive an automated phone call.
  • Press any number on your phone’s keypad as prompted by the system, and you should be automatically logged in.

Text (SMS)

  • After filling out the other information on the log in screen, type "sms" into the "2nd password field" and you will receive an automated text message with multiple codes.
  • Type one of these codes in the "2nd Password" field to log into the system. Each of these codes can only be used one before they will expire.

Hardware Token

If you have received a hard token from the Information Security office, you can also use it to generate a code to log in.

Duo Hardware Token

  • Press the button on the hard token, and a number will appear on the device’s LED screen.
  • Type this number into the "2nd password" field to log in.
Note: Sometimes the token can "de-sync" from the server if the button is pressed multiple times, but the codes generated are not used to log in. If the code you use is not accepted by the system, type your password in a second time and try a new code generated by the token. If this second attempt fails, the next attempt should re-sync the token with the server. If you still cannot log in after three attempts, please contact Information Security at 972-883-6810 or [email protected]

Manage Devices

If you would like to add another device to your account, add another phone number, or remove a device, this can be completed through the manage devices screen.

Step 1

  • Go to the NetID management site
  • Click "NetIDplus Enrollment"
  • Log in with your NetID and password
  • Click "NetIDplus"
  • Select Set up or change your NetIDplus protection

Step 2

  • Click "My Settings & Devices"
  • Log into NetIDplus with your prefered authentication method
Note: If you have recently changed cellular devices but retain the same phone number, you will need to authenticate via "phone" or "SMS". The SMS option can be chosen by clicking "Enter a Passcode". An option will appear at the bottom of the box to have a passcode sent by text message.

Step 3

  • Once logged in, you have a number of options:
    • Add a new device: you can enroll another mobile phone number, tablet, or landline
    • Device Options:
      • Reactivate Duo Mobile: Activate the Duo Mobile app if you did not activate it when you first enrolled or if you have changed devices
      • Change Device Name
      • Remove Device (If the device is not your primary device)
      • Set as Default: Set this device as the default device if using the push, sms, or phone options when connecting to the VPN