Webex is a web-based platform that allows effective collaboration by streamlining the entire meeting process, providing a highly-secure online space to share all media related information. Meetings can be scheduled and joined by any computer that has internet access, or even a mobile device.

WebEx Update

The current WebEx contract will be active through August 31, 2021. After that time, WebEx will no longer be available as a UTD-provided video conferencing tool. Consider using alternatives including Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Read More >

Students do not need to log in to join a WebEx meeting scheduled by a faculty or staff member. Students can only ‘log in’ when scheduling a meeting on the Student WebEx site.

If you receive an “Account Deactivated” error when logging in to WebEx, please ensure you are logging into the correct WebEx site. You do not need to log in to participate in a WebEx meeting.


(including TAs/RAs)

  • Audio over the web & call-in number provided
  • Access to Event Center
  • Audio over the web only
  • Meeting Center limited to 8 participants
Faculty/Staff Login Student Login

Choose an option below to get started.

Webex Meetings App

Step 1

Step 1 - Webex URL page

Step 2

  • On the left side pane select Download

Step 2 - image of download link location

Step 3

  • Select Download and install the application

Step 3 - image of download button

Step 4

  • After Downloading and installing the Cisco Webex Meetings App you will be prompted to enter your UTD email address and then enter in the following information:

    • Site URL for Staff/Faculty: https://utdallas.webex.com

Step 4 - image of how to enter WebEX URL

Step 5

  • You will be prompted by Single Sign On to enter your UTD credentials, and after signing in you will be taken to the Cisco Webex Meetings App!
  • All Done!

Step 5 - image of UTD login page

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Install Cisco Webex – iOS

Step 1

  • Go to the App Store on your iOS device and search for Webex

Step 2

  • Locate, install, and then open the Cisco Webex Meetings app

Step 3

  • Review and accept the Terms of Service by selecting I Accept
  • Click Sign In

Step 3 - image of Terms of Service

Step 4

  • Under the Email field, select Sign in through your UTD email address

Step 4 - image of email address field

Step 5

  • Enter the Webex URL

    • For Staff/Faculty: utdallas.webex.com
    • For Students: utdallas-student.webex.com

Step 5 - image of Webex URL

Step 6

  • You will be automatically directed to Safari on your phone and be presented with a login screen
  • Login with your NetID and password and you will be logged in and ready to use Webex Meetings!

Step 5 - image of Webex URL

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Install Cisco Webex – Android

Step 1

  • Download Cisco Webex Meetings from the Google Play Store
  • Open the Cisco Webex Meetings app
  • Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

Step 1 - image of terms of service and privacy statement

Step 2

  • Press sign in
  • Type in your UT Dallas e-mail address and press next
  • Enter in the Webex URL
    • For staff/faculty: utdallas.webex.com
    • For students: utdallas-student.webex.com
  • Press Next

Step 2 - image of Webex sign-in page

Step 3 - image of Webex URL page

Step 3

  • The app will open to a UT Dallas authentication page
  • Enter your NetID and password then press submit to login
  • Press allow
  • You are now signed into Cisco Webex

Step 3 - image of UTD NetID login page

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Add Webex to Teams

Step 1

  • In Microsoft Teams, go to Teams.

Screenshot of Teams option in Microsoft Teams navigation bar

Step 2

  • Next to the team name, select More > Manage team > Apps > More Apps.

Screenshot of Manage Team option in Microsoft Teams menu

Screenshot of More apps option in Microsoft Teams menu

Step 3

  • From the More Apps page, search for the Cisco Webex Meetings app, then select the app and click Add. The Cisco Webex Meetings app contains the Cisco Webex Meetings bot. The Cisco Webex Meetings bot provides the commands that you can use to set up and share Webex meeting links.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex meetings app in Microsoft Teams app search

Step 4

You will now need to set the Webex Site URL to utdallas.webex.com.

  • Add the Webex Meetings app to a Team and then send a message in the Conversations tab of that Team.
  • Your message must mention the Cisco Webex Meetings app (@CiscoWebexMeetings) and must contain the command “site [utdallas.webex.com]”.
  • The Webex Meetings bot will respond confirming that you have set the site to utdallas.webex.com.

The Webex Meetings App has now been downloaded to your Teams client and is ready to be added or used in channels, chats, and or in the Webex Meetings app itself!

Screenshot of Cisco Webex Meetings mention in Microsoft Teams team conversation

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Using Webex Meeting App in Teams

After the Webex Meetings app has been added to a channel, select the app to open the Webex Meetings home page.

Select Schedule in the top right of the home page to schedule a meeting or recurring meeting for a future time and date.

Select Start Meeting to create a personal meeting room that you can invite attendees to and have a meeting ready to start instantly.

Select Join a Meeting if you have a meeting number or join code from an earlier Webex Meeting invitation to instantly join an ongoing meeting.

Screenshot of Webex start meeting screen

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Schedule a meeting in Webex Meetings App in Teams

Step 1

  • Open the Webex Meetings home page in your Teams app and select Schedule.

Screenshot of Webex Meetings window

Step 2

  • From the Schedule a Meeting window you can name your meeting, set a date and time, set a custom meeting password, and invite attendees just as you would from Webex online.

Screenshot of Webex Meetings Schedule a Meeting window

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. By default, anyone with the link (or Meeting number) and password may attend a Webex Meeting or Event. As part of the advanced scheduling options, a meeting host can require that attendees register.

The meeting number is a nine-digit unique identifier that allows you to enter the correct meeting when calling in to a Webex session. The meeting number also allows you to join a meeting for which you do not have a link. You’ll still need to supply the password, if it has been set. The Meeting number is found in your Webex email invitation or calendar entry. It can also be found on the Meeting Info tab within a Webex session. Or ask the meeting host for the Meeting number.

Yes. To export a meeting recording, Log in to Webex. Navigate to Host a Meeting > My Recorded Meetings from the left-side navigation bar. From the My Recorded Meetings page, go to the line entry for the meeting you wish to export and select Download from the right-most drop down button.

You can also click on the name link for a meeting and you will be taken to the summary page for that meeting. On the summary page you may click the Download recording link to download the recording.

Yes. Once a Webex session has started, you can make someone else the host. If you are the original host, you can also reclaim host privileges after you have transferred them by using the Host Key or by leaving the meeting then re-entering. There is no way to transfer the host role prior to starting a Webex session. A host may schedule a Webex session for another host. This must be configured using the Scheduling permission feature.

After you start your meeting, click the button at the bottom of the sharing panel on the Quick Start tab. Select what you want to share with participants, such as a whiteboard or file. Once you share something, participants will see what you see. You can also select Share from the meeting menu bar.

Login to your Webex portal by following the appropriate link above. Click My Webex from the top navigation, and expand Preferences. Select Scheduling Options from the list of configurable features, and you can add a delegate by putting the user’s [email protected] email address in the Scheduling permission field. Hit Save to commit changes.

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Get Support

For support with logging in or other account related issues, please contact the UTD OIT Help Desk.

For support and assistance with utilizing the Webex system, please contact Webex Technical Support:

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