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An Interview with Peggy Attari

Peggy Attari has served 34 years in various capacities at UT Dallas. She collects elephants, is a two-time CARE Award winner, and is passionate about her favorite hobby: quilting. She made a baby quilt for her son’s best friend with a “Doorway to China” pattern. She made it with his Asian parents in mind to honor their culture and heritage. They loved it. A picture of the quilt is below.

Divya: What is your role within OIT?

Peggy: I am an Associate Director in Systems and Operations over Identity and Access Management, Database Administration, and Metrics and Automation. I oversee those three teams to make sure that they have support in planning for resources, budget, administrative leadership, etc. to achieve their goals. To work with the other Associate Director’s across the divisions to blend strategies, plans, and projects for a smooth operational flow. I just began serving in this role on November 1st, 2016.

Divya: Oh so this is recent! What were you doing before this?

Peggy: I was Associate Director of just the Identity and Access Management team; with the recent organization changes, I now have two additional teams.

Divya: What are some of your current initiatives that you are working on?

Peggy: Well this year, for all three groups, one of the main objectives is learning to manage our budgets and reduce costs effectively across the board. Metrics and Automation is rolling out Zabbix to monitor our networking infrastructure as the first phase. It will provide dashboards and operational reports for OIT decisions. For the Database Team, one of our biggest initiatives is analyzing the database backup strategy. For Identity Management, we are implementing MIM (Microsoft Identity Management), as a product upgrade for our NetID system.

Divya: What are your future goals?

Peggy: Swim, not sink! No really, as an Associate Director over these three teams. I hope to be able to add some cohesiveness to the strategic planning, budget planning, and project planning to bring the divisions together and blend the silos. We have several projects in progress that we want to see completed successfully this year. Some of them will have Phase II projects that will start up immediately following. For example: Zabbix, is focused on Networking but will extend to the other divisions afterwards; MIM is an “AS IS” implementation and we are capturing change requests for enhancements in a Phase II; Shibboleth will be transitioning from Information Security to Identity and Access Management; and eCAT is targeted to be integrated into Atlas.

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