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eduroam: Global WiFi Roaming for Academia

eduroam stands for education roaming. It offers users from participating academic institutions secure wireless Internet access at any other eduroam participating location. The eduroam architecture that makes this possible is based on a number of technologies and agreements which together provide the eduroam user experience: "open your laptop and be online." eduroam is now available to UTD students, faculty, and staff. Members of participating institutions will be able to use our wireless internet via the new “eduroam” network name and you will be able to authenticate on networks at participating institutions using your NetID and password.  If you would like to set up a computer to use it, please take a few moments to install the eduroam automatic configuration tool.  When using eduroam at other institutions, you must put “” in your username.
eduroam networks are the responsibility of the participating institutions. As a consortium, eduroam defines minimal compliance rules on how the new networks need to behave. Not all eduroam networks are identical, but, in general, you can expect that:

  • use is free of charge.
  • the wireless network is encrypted.
  • your username and password is validated using the IEEE 802.1X standard.
  • the network gives you access to the general Internet.
As with most wireless networks, eduroam only protects your data while it is in the air.  As soon as it travels onto the Internet, your data is no longer encrypted unless you use encrypted transfer protocols (e.g. browsing with https:// instead of http:// ; or if you started a VPN connection).  Learn more at or

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