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An Interview with Pedro Morales

Pedro Morales joined the UT Dallas OIT family in July 2016. Prior to joining, he worked in the Office of Information Technology at the University of Texas at Arlington. While there, he was involved with many projects including revamping their Help Desk’s social media presence, maintaining several OIT webpages, and creating a new website for a pilot cohort program.

Pedro has been involved with web design and development from a very young age and is passionate about creating clean, beautiful, and intuitive websites. He currently holds an A.A.S. in IT Web and Internet Services and has been professionally creating websites since 2013.

Divya: What’s your role within OIT?

Pedro: I am the web developer for the entire Department. I'm essentially tasked with making sure that our website not only looks good but is also functional and in compliance with brand and accessibility standards.

Divya: Does anybody work below you?

Pedro: Yes, I currently have one student worker that works for me.

Divya: Are there any projects you’re currently working on?

Pedro: I’ve recently finished creating the Innovation & Technology Summit website. Upcoming projects include creating a landing page for the Learning Management System (LMS) team as well as a redesign of the OIT website.

Divya: What does your student worker do?

Pedro: My student worker assists primarily with graphic design. So far, he’s helped create graphics for the OIT newsletter, OIT events (Summit, Forum, Lunch & Learn, and Rodeo Day & Chili Cook-Off), OIT social media accounts, and a few other OIT webpages.

Divya: Any plans to expand your team?

Pedro: I would definitely like to expand my team to include one additional student worker who can help out with the more mundane maintenance tasks.

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