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Interview with Letitia Andrews

Letitia Andrews joined the UT Dallas OIT family in 2010, where she began as a full-time PeopleSoft trainer. Prior to joining UT Dallas, Letitia worked in a variety of industries including finance, information technology, and telecommunications.

Letitia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication from Roosevelt University and a Master’s in Education from National Louis University. As a life-long student, she is interested in researching and learning new software tools. As an educator, she is passionate about developing methods for helping people learn and understand programs- from the basics to the most advance levels.

Interview by Melanie Burks

Melanie: What is your positon within OIT?

Letitia: I am a full-time PeopleSoft Trainer and a Technical Team Leader for the Learning Management System group that is a part of the Enterprise Application Services Team.

Melanie: What are your day-to-day activities?

Letitia: I split my time between teaching and supporting the PeopleSoft effort. Earlier I focused on the basic level of PeopleSoft, but now I focus on the higher Level of PeopleSoft training. There are two programs I work on: PeopleSoft Academy for students and PeopleSoft Universe for staff. For PeopleSoft Academy, I consult and make sure students understand the content. I teach classes that are a semester long and at the end students have opportunity of becoming coordinators that teach PeopleSoft to other students. When I work on projects for the Learning Management System group, I work on planning/ updating websites, make sure the TARA system is working efficiently, and I plan/ design test classes.

Melanie: What are some difficulties you had to face in your job?

Letitia: In the first five years, I had to teach employees who weren’t comfortable using PC computers or didn’t know how to use a mouse because they were used to using Mainframe Computers. I had to start from the beginning and come up with ways to make it easier for co-workers to understand PeopleSoft. Making sure that they were comfortable and letting them know that they can use the computer for other things than just Google searches.

Melanie: What are some skills you had to learn or obtain for your job?

Letitia: When I worked for Nokia, I had a chance to work on mobile applications and learning micro-learning to learning how information is transfers into phones. The cool part of that experience was understanding how people learn to use mobile devices, helps you understand how they would use any device. Training for my OIT job, I got involved in being part of a community that answers questions on Blackboard that anyone is having regarding service or what can be done so that Blackboard is more efficient. I focus on the personalization and learning theories of Blackboard. Due to my advanced Blackboard capabilities, I was nominated Blackboard MVP Nomination and chosen to be a part of MVP program to further my skills.

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