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What wireless networks are available in University Housing?

There are currently two options for connecting to the internet in University Housing.

CometNet requires 802.1X authentication. CometNet should be used on devices that support this connection type such as laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. When you need to connect to internal UTD resources such as campus network drives or site-licensed software like Matlab and Mathematica, CometNet will provide for this without the need of the UTD VPN. Access to network resources is governed by the UTD Information Security and Acceptable Use policies and requires entry of your NetID and password.

TemocNet is available for devices that do not support the 802.1x authentication protocol and, by extension, cannot connect to CometNet. Device registration is required to connect to TemocNet. TemocNet should be used in University Housing exclusively for devices that cannot connect to CometNet such as game consoles, streaming devices, and other IoT devices. No internal UTD resources will be accessible from this network including but not limited to:

  • Internal UTD Servers
  • Network Drives
  • TemocNet Registration Tool

Access is governed by the UTD Information Security and Acceptable Use policies.

Both services are available in all clubhouses, lounges, dorm classrooms, suites, and apartments.

How do I connect my devices to TemocNet?

In order to access TemocNet with a device, its MAC address must first be registered with the TemocNet Registration tool. This website can only be accessed when connected to CometNet or while connected to the VPN off-campus. Instructions for registration can be found on our MAC Address Registration how-to page.

Once a device has been registered, you can then connect to TemocNet with that device using the pre-shared password available on the TemocNet Registration tool. This password changes once a semester.

What devices are compatible with the network?

Different devices carry varying levels of network compatibility. Below is a list of CometNet compatible devices, TemocNet compatible devices, and prohibited devices. Please Contact the OIT Help Desk for more information.

CometNet (For 802.1x Compatible Devices):

  • Laptops
  • Desktops with Wi-Fi
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Devices

TemocNet (For devices that do not support 802.1x authentication):

  • Media Streaming Devices
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Apple TV
    • Roku
  • Game Consoles
    • Nintendo
    • PlayStation
    • Xbox

Limited functionality on TemocNet:

  • Smart Devices (Device-to-Device connectivity over Wi-Fi is not supported)
    • Amazon Echo Products
    • Google Home Products
  • Media Streaming Devices
    • Chromecast (No casting over Wi-Fi)
  • Smart TVs (Device-to-Device connectivity over Wi-Fi is not supported)

Prohibited and/or Incompatible Devices:

  • Devices that require device-to-device connectivity over Wi-Fi to function
    • Smart Camera
    • Smart Electrical Plugs
    • Smart Lights
    • Smart Light Switch
    • Smart Locks
    • Smart Thermostat
  • Hardware Firewalls
  • Personal Switches
  • Servers
  • VPN Gateways
  • Voice Gateways
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Printers

How often will I need to renew/re-register my device?

Device re-registration is not needed. As long as you have continued residency at the university, your devices will be renewed automatically. If you have not signed a lease with University Housing and leave for a semester, you will need to re-register your devices if you return as a resident for a later semester. However, the password for the TemocNet wireless network does change every semester. The date of this change will be posted on the TemocNet Registration tool along with the new password towards the end of each semester.

Registration is required for security and accountability purposes. Allowing anonymous computers/devices to connect to the network has led to problems and abuses at other sites where such access is available.

How many devices can I connect?

Each student is allowed to register up to 10 devices on TemocNet. In order to connect to TemocNet, each device’s MAC address must be registered. Currently there is no limit for devices connected to CometNet.

How will my visitors/guests connect to the internet?

The sponsor of that individual will need to register the visitor/guest device to be used on TemocNet. This will require the sponsor to have a NetID.

Is device interconnectivity and file sharing allowed?

The UTD Network is constantly monitored for malicious use. However, programs that allow file sharing could provide opportunities for compromise. Programs that would deliberately allow access to a machine of any type are not allowed on the network, as they could provide a means of accessing the UTD Network for unauthorized users. By eliminating methods for others to access your machine from external sources, overall security is increased.

To this end, we do not currently offer an option for an external facing IP address.

Are there any connection restrictions?

TemocNet & CometNet provides up to 30/30Mbps download/upload per user in the University Residence Halls and University Apartments.

Currently there is no option to pay for additional speed.

Currently there are no data cap limits on the amount of data you can download or upload.

The UT Dallas Information Security Office prevents connections to websites known to host malicious software or steal information. This method of limiting risk is meant to protect you, but can occasionally cause inconvenience. If you believe a website was blocked in error, please contact the Information Security Office at [email protected].

Can I use a hard wired port connection or my own router?

Each wireless access point installed in the suite or unit provides three active network ports, LAN1-3 on the bottom of the unit. The other two connections, Console and Pass-Thru, are for maintenance use only. Personal switches are not permitted to be connected to any of these ports. Cabling from the access point to your device is not included. Wired connections are a TemocNet based connection, so resources that require a connection to CometNet will be unavailable.

Personal wireless routers are not permitted as they interfere with CometNet and TemocNet wireless signal for other residents.

If you are unable to connect to Wireless in your room due to poor coverage, or believe your residence hall is not covered by CometNet and TemocNet wireless, please check that there are no obstructions such as furniture, and contact Help Desk for assistance.

The provided router is property of the UT Dallas Office of Information Technology. Theft, damage or misuse will result in reimbursement to UT Dallas to replace or repair damaged equipment.

  • Residents are permitted to use the ports LAN1, LAN2, and LAN3 on the router

Who do I contact for help or support with CometNet/TemocNet in University Housing?

For 24/7 support of Residential Internet Services, please call 972-883-6000. The UTD OIT Help Desk also provides support by email and web chat during their posted hours.

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