OrgSync Login

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is a web application that allows students to join, manage and communicate with organizations and their members.

OrgSync offers a social media environment, e‑form creation, shared calendars and other online tools designed for student organizations and departments.

Create an OrgSync Account

  1. Log into OrgSync with your NetID.
  2. Click your name/icon on the top right and select My Profile.
  3. Complete your basic profile information.

You'll automatically be placed in the Comets group, which grants you access to events and student organization information.

OrgSync Training

Need help getting familiar with OrgSync? Contact the SOC office to set up a training session.

Search for a Student Organization

screenshot of memberships page
  1. Click the Organizations tab.
  2. Browse or search for an organization by name, category or keyword.
  3. Click the organization you are interested in to view their OrgSync portal.
  4. On the top right, click the Join Now button.*
screenshot of join now button

*Some organizations require a password to join. When prompted, enter the password or click "I do not know the password" and provide a reason why you would like to join.

You may also want to send the president of the organization an email stating that you have requested to join their OrgSync group.