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Geology Corridor Sidewalk Closure

June 17, 2020

Parts of the sidewalk between the Science Learning Center (SLC) and Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE), and between Founders North (FN) and the Founders Building (FO), will be closed at various times from June 2020 through December 2020 for the Campus Landscape Improvement Project. The north-south sidewalk between SLC, BE, FN and FO will remain open.

View the west and east parts of this closure in the University map.

Rutford Avenue Closure Update

June 16, 2020

Rutford Ave. from Drive D to North Loop Rd., and Drive E on the south side of Parking Structure 3 (PS3) will be closed through January 2021.

The west side of the intersection of Drive D and Rutford Road is blocked to vehicle traffic.

Drive D will still be accessible to pedestrian traffic.

Part of the parking lot south of west of University Village Phase 9 (P9) and south of Residence Hall South along Rutford Ave. will be converted into a pedestrian path, connecting University Housing to Drive D and the Sciences Building (SCI) courtyard.

View in the University Map >

Canyon Creek Heights South Lot Closed for Expansion

April 15, 2020

The parking lot serving Canyon Creek Heights South (CH6) is closed to all but a few residents’ vehicles while the lot is expanded to the south and east. This expansion will add 103 parking spaces to the lot. Weather permitting, this project is expected to be completed by July 15. View in the University Map >

Residence Hall North Parking Lot Temorarily Closed

March 4, 2020

Res Lot North, between Residence Hall Northwest (RHNW) and Residence Hall North (RHN), will remain closed while construction continues on the University Housing Office (UHO). View in the University Map >

New Permanent Road and Parking Lot Closures

March 4, 2020

The road between Residence Hall Southwest (RHSW) and Residence Hall South (RHS) has been permanently closed. View in the University Map >

The overflow parking lot across from Lot Q has been closed indefinitely. View in the University Map >