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Visiting Campus

How do I get to UT Dallas?

See these directions for getting to UT Dallas. For a detailed guide to the University’s buildings, amenities and parking lots, see the campus map.

Where do I park?

If you are a visitor to our campus, you can get a one-day parking pass from the Visitor Center or Parking Office, located on the first floor of Parking Structure 3, with a photo ID. This type of pass is only good for the day of issue, and it will be issued to you no more than twice in the same week. This one-day pass allows visitors to park in green parking spaces. For more frequent visits, please take advantage of our convenient Pay-by-Space cashless parking meters. For more information, including on handicapped and decorated veteran parking, please see the Parking Office website.

How do I sign up for a campus tour?

UT Dallas offers several tour options for prospective students and their families: campus walking tours, housing tours, group tours and a virtual tour for those who can’t make it to campus.

Campus walking tours begin at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays at the Visitor Center office. They showcase specific areas of interest, including classroom buildings, student centers and gathering areas. You can schedule a campus tour online.

Where can I stay overnight?

Several hotels near UT Dallas offer overnight accommodations.


Should I attend orientation with my student?

Parents and family are encouraged to attend with their student. Programs are concurrently offered for students and families, while special programs are offered for family members while students meet with their advisors and register for classes.

There is an option to add up to three family members during the Freshman Orientation registration process. Family members can also be added later by modifying the student’s orientation registration in Orion, accessible through the University’s Galaxy portal. Family members must be registered to attend with their student. Guests cannot be added within two weeks of the student’s orientation date.

Students and their family members are encouraged to stay overnight on campus during the orientation sessions, held in June and July. You may add the overnight option during the Freshman Orientation registration process. The overnight option can also be added later by modifying the student’s orientation registration in Orion. Several hotels near UT Dallas offer overnight accommodations as well.


Where will students and families stay during orientation?

Students and families are encouraged to stay on campus, in our residence halls.

Where will I park during orientation?

A UT Dallas parking pass will be sent out in a confirmation email after your student has registered for orientation. Please print the parking pass and place it on your dashboard when you arrive on campus for orientation. Parking policies are enforced year-round, and you must park in the lot and color space designated on your parking pass.

Tuition and Financial Aid

How can my student apply for a UT Dallas scholarship?

The Office of Financial Aid has detailed information about UT Dallas scholarship opportunities and programs to help pay for college.

How can my student apply for financial aid?

The primary way to apply for financial aid is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The University’s Office of Financial Aid is the primary resource for more information about UT Dallas scholarships and those offered by third parties and can guide your student through the application process.

How do I pay tuition?

The University’s Bursar Office is responsible for billing and payments of tuition and fees. Students can use EZPay to manage their tuition finances and make payments. Parents and guardians require the student’s permission, granted through the student’s authorized user process, to become authorized users in the system and make payments.

The University accepts a variety of payment options, including short-term loans and installment payment plans. Contact the Bursar Office at 972-883-2612 regarding other questions about paying tuition and fees.

Supporting Student Success

What can I do to improve my student’s UT Dallas experience?

Stay in touch. Even though your student is experimenting with independent choices, he or she still needs to know that you are there and available to talk over everyday events as well as more difficult issues.

Allow space for your student to set the agenda for your conversations. If he or she needs help or support, the subject is more likely to come up if you are not pointedly inquiring about sensitive issues.

Be realistic with your student about financial matters. Being specific at the outset may help avoid misunderstandings later. It is important for students to come to the University with a plan for paying for tuition, fees, books, and room and board and what their families’ expectations are about spending money.

Be realistic about academic achievement and grades. Not every freshman who excelled academically in high school will earn all A’s. Developing or refining the capacity to work independently and consistently and the ability to demonstrate mastery can be more important than grades. If your student is meeting the basic academic requirements set out by the University, he or she is in good shape.

Encourage him or her to take advantage of the wealth of resources available for students. If your student experiences difficulties at UT Dallas, he or she can get support and guidance from campus services such as the Student Counseling Center, Career Center, Office of Student AccessAbility, Student Wellness Center, Student Health Center and Galerstein Gender Center.

How can I learn more about what’s happening on campus?

Get the latest on campus news and events by signing up for the UT Dallas News Center.

See current and upcoming campus events on the Comet Calendar.

Follow UT Dallas on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sign up for the Comet Families newsletter highlighting upcoming parent and family events, volunteering opportunities and suggestions for how to support your student.

The award-winning UT Dallas magazine spotlights campus news, student achievement, faculty research and alumni accomplishments.

More Questions?

Comet Families Helpline

The Comet Families Helpline is a phone line for UT Dallas parents and family members to contact the University for assistance, support or a listening ear. The Office of New Student Programs hosts the helpline and will answer your question or put you in touch with someone who can. The phone line is monitored from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday except during University holidays. You can call the Comet Families Helpline toll-free at 844-UTD-FMLY (844-883-3659) or email [email protected].

You are encouraged to leave a message when the line is not monitored as all calls are returned. For emergencies, dial 911. In nonemergency situations, contact the UT Dallas Police Department at 972-883-2222.