Sophia loves living in the Residence Halls and has a great circle of friends. She goes to parties just about every weekend, but knows her limitations and has never taken her drinking too far.

Last semester she tried cigarettes for the first time at a party. She has always considered herself a healthy person and knows cigarettes are not good for her, but she didn’t want to be the only one to say no. Now she can’t drink alcohol without a cigarette.

Sophia's Smoking Habits

  • On a recent health behavior survey, Sophia did not consider herself a smoker.
  • She only smokes at parties on the weekends and it is not every weekend.
  • A few weeks ago, Sophia told herself that she was not going to smoke at all at an upcoming party. She couldn’t resist a cigarette after she started drinking and caved.
  • She doesn’t think she has a problem and would never claim to be a smoker to her friends, family or doctor.
  • Recently, Sophia has noticed how she is getting sick more often than normal and thinks her partying may be the cause, but she doesn’t want to stop.


Sophia: The Social Smoker