Creator of File
George Hall
Location - Dallas, Texas e-mail - [email protected]
web site -
Impact video on Flickr

Circumstance of video Capture
Dan Petersen originally saw the impact visually from his home in Wisconsin. at 11:35 UT on Sept. 10 2012. Dan reported the sighting to Chris Go who then made a post to the ALPO_Jupiter Forum. I (George Hall) had recorded videos of Jupiter between 5:30 and 7:00 am on Sept. 10 from my back yard in Dallas, Texas. I saw the ALPO_Forum post about 5 PM on Sept. 10 and reviewed the video data that I had captured that morning. At that time, I became aware of the fact that I had captured the Jupiter Impact in a video. I immediately grabbed a screen shot from the Quick Time viewer that I was using to review the videos. I posted that photo to my web site and a message to ALPO_Jupiter Forum.

Equipment Utilized for the video Capture
12" LX200GPS
3x TeleVue Barlow
Orion Multiple Filter Wheel (Manual)
Astronomik LRGB Filters et 1.24" Mounted (LRGB-1)
Link to Filter set description
Link to page containing Filter set transmission graph.
Point Grey Flea 3 Monochrome Fire wire camera (Sony ICX618 CCD)
Link to page describing Camera

Video Recording
Software used to control Recording
Astro IIDC version 4.09.00 20120901 for Apple
Link to the Astro IIDC web site (about 1/3 of the way down the page is a link Astro IIDC Software Manual)
Computer Apple Mac Book Pro Mac OS X Version 10.7.4 Memory 4 GB Disk 500 GB

Filter used - Red

Here is a copy of the Capture log for the video produced by Astro IIDC
=================== #frames 2037
Monochrome Camera = Model:'Flea3 FL3-FW-03S1M' Serial Number: 0xADAE84
IIDC Format: 0 Mode: 6 FrameRate: 15.00
Camera Display Format: 640 x 480 16 bit
CCD Image Left: 0
CCD Image Top: 0
CCD Image Width: 640
CCD Image: Height 480
Gamma: 1.00
Brightness: 686
Black Point: 0
Exposure: 35.01 ms
Sharpness Limiting On: 0
Dark Frame Subtraction On: 0
Flat Frame Correction On: 0
Invert Image On: 0
Flip Horizontal On: 0
Flip Vertical On: 0
Histogram Expand On: 0
Binning Off Monochrome
Hot / Cold Pixel Replace: Off
Camera Temp: 28.7 C / 83.7 F
Note: r

The Note item is a note that I enter after each video to help keep track of what filter was used for the recording.

Files in this Folder
Jupiter Impact Video.m4v - 4 sec. clip of Impact event made with Apple iMovie from original file
- 1.25 GB Original file Created by Astro IIDC of the Impact Event 2min 15 sec. Red Filter, 15 fps (2036 frames)
FitsFiles (Folder) A folder containing the data exported from the video in FITS format using Astro IIDC. (2036 fits files)

If you have any questions or need more information please contact George Hall via e-mail [email protected]