Fall 2014 Colloquia

Fall 2014

Date/Host Speaker/Institution Title/Abstract Room
September 3 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. Will Newton Texas A&M Commerce Into the Mantle of the Neutron Star: Probing Super(con)densed Matter under Extreme Conditions  HH2.402
September 10 Host: Lloyd Lumata Dr. Wei Chen UT Arlington Nanoparticle-based Photodynamic Therapy and Photothermal Therapy for Cancer Treatment FN2.102
September 17 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. Louis Strigari Indiana Galactic Searches for Dark Matter FN2.102
September 24 Host: Jason Slinker Dr. Chris Sorensen Kansas State Of Soot and Sunflowers FN2.102
October 1 Host: Chuanwei Zhang Dr. Di Xiao Carnegie Mellon Valleytronics in Two-dimensional Crystals FN2.102
October 8 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. David Sand Texas Tech Unveiling the Physics and Progenitors of Cosmic Explosions with the FLOYDS robotic spectrographs FN2.102
October 15 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. Milos Milosavljevic UT Austin The Complex Physics of Star Formation: Reading the Relics from the Dawn of Galaxies FN2.102
October 22 Host: Lindsay King Dr. Alex Barreira Durham Cosmological Constraints on Theories of Modified Gravity HH2.402
October 29 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. Pavel Nadolsky SMU Strong Interactions of Elementary Particles in the Higgs Era PHY1.202
November 5 Host: Lloyd Lumata Dr. Matthew Lewis UT Southwestern Emerging Biomedical Imaging Modalities: Ultrasound Tomography and Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging FN2.102
November 7 Host: Bob Glosser Dr. Shriram Ramanathan Harvard Metal-insulator Transitions and Adaptive Matter FN2.102
November 12 Host: Chuanwei Zhang Dr. Xiao Li UT Austin Beautiful Landau Levels FN2.102
November 19 Host: Mustapha Ishak Dr. Scott Dodelson Fermilab, Univ. of Chicago Extending the Reach FN2.102
November 26 No colloquium - Fall Break
December 3 Host: Michael Kesden Dr. Jodi Cooley SMU In Pursuit of Dark Matter: Recent Results from the SuperCDMS Experiment FN2.102
December 5 Host: Anvar Zakhidov Dr. Matthew White Johannes Kepler University Photovoltaics for Large-scale Power Generation ECSS2.412
December 10 Host: Anvar Zakhidov Dr. Chun Hung Lui MIT Shedding Light on Two-dimensional Electrons in Graphene and Beyond  JO3.516