Fall 2016 Colloquia Archive


Fall 2016 Colloquia–Archive

 Our department colloquium is a forum for invited scientists to present modern research in a fashion accessible to those with a background in physics, but who are not experts in the field. Talks are aimed at the graduate level.

If you have questions about our department colloquium, please contact Dr. Michael Kesden.

Date/Host Speaker/Institution Title/Abstract
 August 31
Host: Michael Kesden
Dr. Kat Barger
Large-scale Galactic Outflows and Tidal Processes of the Magellanic Cloud Galaxies
 September 7
Host: Fan Zhang
Dr. Enrico Rossi
William and Mary College
Spin-orbit Coupling Effects in 2D Heterostructures and Superconductors
September 14
Host: Michael Kesden
Dr. Scott Noble
University of Tulsa
Lighting Up Inspiraling Binary Black Hole Systems
September 21
Host: Michael Kesden
Dr. John Sibert
UT Dallas
Creating Effective Learning Environments in Gateway STEM Classes
September 28
Host: Fan Zhang
Dr. Jay Sau
University of Maryland
Search for the new exotic quantum particle: Non-Abelian Majorana zero modes at semiconductor-superconductor interfaces
October 5
Host: Mark Lee
Dr. Lindsay King
UT Dallas
The Structure and Physics of Galaxy Clusters, the Most Massive Bound Objects in the Universe
October 12
Host: Lunjin Chen
Dr. Kaijun Liu
Auburn University
Fast Magnetosonic Waves Driven by Ring-like Proton Velocity Distributions
October 19
Host: Lloyd Lumata
Dr. Changho Choi
UT Southwestern
In Vivo 1H MR Spectroscopy in Brain Tumors
October 26
Host: Joe Izen
Dr. Andrew White
UT Arlington
The International Linear Collider Project and the SiD Detector
November 2
Host: Jason Slinker
Dr. Alex Zakhidov
Texas State University – San Marcos
Carrier transport and reliability issues in perovskite solar cells
November 9
Host: Bob Glosser
Dr. Susan Coppersmith
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Building a Quantum Computer using Silicon Quantum Dots
November 16
Host: Russell Stoneback
Dr. Jean-Pierre St. Maurice
University of Saskatchewan
Recent findings on the electrodynamics of the equatorial ionosphere
November 23 No colloquium – Fall Break
November 30
Host: Mark Lee
Dr. Clark Highstrete
Sandia National Laboratory
The Hardware Side of Quantum Information Science and Technology
December 7
Host: Mark Lee
Dr. Chung-Pei Ma
UC Berkeley
Supermassive Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies

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