Teaching Assistant Awards

Teaching Assistant Awards

The Physics Department TA Award annually recognizes physics graduate and undergraduate students who demonstrate sustained excellence in teaching assistance. Each year, course instructors are asked for help identifying teaching assistants worthy of recognition for the extraordinary performance. The TA Award Committee selects the best 5% of total TAs to be the winners of the year. The Award is a certificate plus a medal or plaque that can be publicly displayed. By means of the Award, the department expresses its appreciation to all teaching assistants who contribute to the department’s educational effort.

TA Award Winners:


Anish Ninad Agashe, Saeed Rahmanian Koshkaki, Andrew Marder, Rahulkumar Solanki, Ashan Prabashwara Wettasinghe, Tianyi Xu, and Yangzi Zheng


Patrick Cheung, Bojana Ivanic, Fatemeh Khashami, Qing Wang and Xiaohe Zhou


Miyoung Choi, Sarah Ferguson, Matthew Maisberger, Eske Pedersen and Peng Peng Zheng